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House Dust Mites and Allergies

23rd May 2024

Asthma & Allergies
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Allergies to house dust mites is very common and can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis.

House dust mites are tiny creatures which live off human skin scales and thrive in humid environments. They live in all our homes and can be found where you sleep, where you relax and where you walk.

How to Prevent Dust Mites in the Home:

It is impossible to keep your home permanently clear of dust mites however the following measures will help to dramatically reduce their numbers and ease symptoms:

  • Damp dust the hard surfaces in your home.
  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors daily if possible, and soft furnishings twice a week. Don't forget to vacuum under your bed.
  • Use allergen-proof barrier covers on all mattresses, duvets and pillows.
  • Vacuum your mattress and pillows and wash bedding and duvets above 55°C.
  • Ventilation is extremely important – reduce humidity by increasing ventilation. Use a mechanical ventilation system, trickle vents, extract fans or simply open windows.

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