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NEW Compact, Efficient MVHR Units added to BEAM Range

26th June 2024

Indoor Air Quality
Heat Recovery Ventilation

We're excited to introduce the latest additions to our low energy Counterflow Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) range - the award-winning Axco C440 & C570 units! These brand new units are set to revolutionise the way MVHR systems manage indoor air quality, with their compact size, outstanding performance and sustainable design.


Our latest MVHR units have been designed to make installation into homes even easier than before. Measuring only 600 x 602 x 477mm, they’re compact and space-saving, making them suitable for small and large homes. The incredible size means the units are perfect for installation in a cupboard, utility room or hot-press. Featuring left or right-hand onsite configuration also allows for ease of installation as it offers adaptability to suit specific requirements.

MVHR ceiling valve in kitchen

High Airflow Capacity

Despite their small size, the Axco C440 & C570 units offer high power performance. The powerful, low energy units have high airflow capability up to 158 l/s (568 m3/h) @ 100 Pa to ensure the best indoor air quality, as well as an incredibly low Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to 0.38 w/l/s.

Highly Efficient Heat Exchanger

One outstanding feature of both units is the highly efficient heat exchanger, which achieves up to 91% heat recovery. This remarkable recovery ensures superior ventilation, and also helps reduce energy consumption. The exceptional energy efficiency has earned the Axco C440 & C570 ventilation units the title of ‘Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year’ at the Energy Saving Awards.

Winner of the Energy Saving Awards

Energy Saving Smart Control

Both Heat Recovery Ventilation units come equipped with an Aura-T™ SMART App Ready touchscreen controller. Easily programme the unit settings to suit your home using the controller and help save energy. The smart WiFi controller can also connect to the BEAM Vent-SMART app which allows users to control the system directly from their phone!

Couple in living room with mvhr ceiling valve

These new units are a game-changer in the ventilation industry. Their impressive airflow capacity, energy efficiency and smart connectivity options set a new standard for indoor ventilation solutions.”

Photo of Paula Osborne

Paula Osborne
BEAM Sales & Marketing Director

Unit Specification

Axco C440 & C570 Specification Table

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