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Top Tips For Powerful, Efficient, Trouble Free Vacuuming!

22nd May 2024

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A BEAM Central vacuum System provides power on demand with industrial strength suction and is specifically designed to make vacuuming faster, easier and more efficient. Get the most from your Beam Central Vacuum System with these handy hints.

Change the Filter

By changing the filter every 5/6 years, you will help to prolong the life of the motor. Improve your vacuum power with our exclusive Gore-tex® self-cleaning HEPA filter. This new cleanstream filter removes tiny dust particles & improves suction power, ensuring your Beam Central Vacuum System works like new every time.

Change the Motor Brushes

Have the motor brushes in your Beam unit been changed/checked? Having motor brushes checked/changed every 5/6 years improves the life expectancy of the vacuum motor and can sometimes prevent a more expensive motor replacement at a later date.

visit our online store to purchase replacement motor brushes.

Empty the Bin

Your vacuum bin should be emptied regularly (at least 3 times a year). Regular emptying prevents the dust from rising to a level where it reaches the filter which could in turn decrease system performance.

Hang the Hose Onto the Hanger

Our hose hanging racks not only make it easier for storage, they also eliminate the risk of damage to the cleaning hose. Storing the hose correctly prevents "kinks" and allows for easier use of the cleaning system

Remote Control Cleaning Hose

If you don't already have one you can control your vacuuming by the flick of a switch with our on/off vacuum hose. The ergonomic handles comes with a built in on/off control switch allowing for hassle free vacuuming. Stop and start the unit from the handle without having to remove the hose from the inlet.

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