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What Should Your Business Expect from an LEV Expert?

23rd May 2024

Local Exhaust Ventilation
Indoor Air Quality

It's important to remember the following...

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is used to carry away any harmful airborne contaminants found in the work environment. It is compulsory for businesses to adhere to COSHH requirements. COSHH highlight that the exposure of employees to substances hazardous to health be either prevented or, where that is not reasonably practical, be adequately controlled. Industrial working environments commonly require some form of extraction system to be implemented to ensure clean product output and efficient operation of both the employee and also the machines.

It is important that thorough testing of customer requirements is carefully put in place. This can therefore provide customers with quality systems that work at the highest efficiency.

Businesses Should Expect the Following from LEV Experts:

  • LEV testing of the highest standard as a requirement and a consultancy service that will examine and measure performance along with an assessment of the control effectiveness;
  • A bespoke product that will be tailored to suit a business' needs;
  • A report to HSG258 criteria and test labeling is carried out.

Site visits should be carried out to benchmark the extract performance and provide recommendations for a suitable extract system and the commissioning and operation of their environment. Airflow measurements can be taken, surveyed and a report can be produced.

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