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Why Choose a Beam Central Vacuum System When Building a New Home or Renovating?

21st February 2024

Asthma & Allergies
Indoor Air Quality
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Nowadays, people can clean their home with a range of cordless, robotic or pull along vacuum cleaners, yet the most popular choice for people building a new home or renovating is still a Beam built-in central vacuum system. And it’s easy to see why a Beam Central Vacuum System is right up there with the kitchen sink as a must-have item in your home.

No More Breathing in Dusty, Dirty, Smelly Air When Vacuuming

We don’t normally think about the harm that the dust which escapes from vacuum cleaners can cause (never mind the smell!) – but did you know that only a Beam Central Vacuum System is clinically proven to improve indoor air quality by up to 52% and provide measurable relief for asthma and allergy sufferers? All the dust you vacuum is removed from the home at the point of contact through the network of ducting to the power unit located away from the living areas (usually the utility area or garage). We spend more time indoors than ever before - who wouldn’t want to have the indoor air in their home free from harmful irritants?

Read the clinical study.

Lightweight & Convenient Vacuuming

Are you sick of lugging around a portable vacuum? They’re awkward to pull behind you and always end up getting caught on something. Not only is this incredibly annoying but it can also damage your furniture. With a Beam Vacuum system, the lightweight hose is inserted straight into the conveniently located wall inlets found throughout your home – quick to use, no motor to push or pull and no finding plugs!

You can even go one step further with a Beam Retractable Hose Management system – the vacuum hose is stored in the wall of your home and all you need to do is pull out the required length of hose, carry out your vacuuming, and once finished, the hose retracts back into the wall! How handy is that?

And if that wasn’t all convenient enough, give your kitchen a quick tidy up daily with a Beam Vacpan - your kitchen saviour! You can throw away your dustpan for good with this little automatic dustpan under your kitchen cabinets. Sweep the crumbs and debris to the Vacpan, switch on with your toe and watch them whisk away into your vacuum unit. Simple!

The Most Powerful Vacuum You Can Buy

Have you ever vacuumed the same area multiple times and still see dust and debris? The industrial strength suction of a Beam Central Vacuum systems means you get up to 5 times more power than cordless/ robot vacuums. It’s simply the most powerful vacuum you can buy - you’ll have the whole house spotless in no time!

No More Noisy Vacuums

Normal household life doesn’t stop just because of housework! Children sleeping? Not a problem. Watching TV? Don’t miss a thing. On a phone call? Talk and vacuum at the same time. You’ll love how quiet a Beam Central Vacuum System is! Because the vacuum power unit of a Beam system is remote from the living areas, all you hear is the whoosh of air through the vacuum hose. A Beam vacuum motor is quieter than a standard vacuum, your hair dryer, a telephone ringing and even your baby crying. Now who doesn’t love a bit of peace and quiet?

Central Vacuum noise level comparison

Long-lasting & Durable – Designed to Last a Housetime

There’s not much shelf life on mass produced cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners – typically 2-3 years is all you get. Investing in a Beam Vacuum system is one of the best decisions you can make! Some of our customers have had their Beam vacuum system installed and working for over 40 years – now that’s long-lasting and money well spent!

Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface of Your Home

Every home is different, that’s why a Beam Central Vacuum has multiple accessories to suit every need. Carpets, hard floors, narrow spaces, soft furnishings - there’s an attachment to suit all - there’s even a brush to keep your furry friends clean! Get right into corners with the handy crevice tool and reach the ceiling to vacuum away cobwebs with ease- no robot is going to manage that!

View our range of brushes and accessories.

Man vacuuming sofa and cushions with Beam Central Vacuum

No Recharging Required

Why should you have to wait on a vacuum to charge up before use or have to pause cleaning halfway through as the charge doesn’t even last long enough to clean your house from top to bottom? Instant power from a Beam Central Vacuum means you can vacuum whenever you like and all day if you really wanted to!

Low Maintenance

Emptying the bag or bin on your portable/ cordless vacuum can be more of a chore than vacuuming itself – some even need emptied after every single use! A Beam Central Vacuum is as low maintenance as a vacuum can be. The bin holds a massive 25 litres (that’s 24 litres more than some portable vacuum bins) and typically needs to be emptied 2-3 times a year. Now that’s low maintenance.

Central Vacuum maintenance

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