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Beam Central Vacuum System Installation

Proper installation of a Beam Central Vacuum System is essential. 

  • Installed by BEAM or DIY
  • Install in an existing property
  • Easily installed in a new build home
Central Vacuum installation in new build house

When to install a Beam Central Vacuum System

New build house under construction with Beam van outside

Installing Central Vacuum in new construction/new-build home

Central Vacuum installation is ideal when a house is under construction. Installation is split over 2 stages:

First Fix

When stud walls are in place and before your plaster board goes on. If no stud walls are being constructed, before plastering and before ceilings go up.

Second Fix

When your plastering is nearing completion and before the floors are poured. If installing underfloor heating, before polystyrene / insulation is laid. When plumbing & heating pipes are being laid in floors.

Existing bungalow

Installing Central Vacuum in an existing home or property renovation

About 95% of existing properties can be fitted with a central vacuum. Careful planning is important to keep labour time and costs at a minimum while still giving you the vacuum cleaning flexibility only a BEAM Central Vacuum System can offer. A survey can determine the best way to install a retrofit central vacuum.

Plan Ahead

Planning is essential when installing the vacuum system in your home. There are two main factors to consider:

Beam central vacuum unit in garage

Placement of the Central Power Unit

The unit needs to be accessible so that the dust and debris can be emptied several times per year. The power unit can be installed in various locations both internally and externally. Common places would be utility rooms, boiler rooms, attached and detached garages. The unit should also be no more than 15 metres from the building to ensure maximum performance.

Central vacuum retractable hose inlet installed in hallway

Placement of Vacuum Inlets

It will not be necessary to install an inlet in every room, as every BEAM Central Vacuum System includes a 9m lightweight hose that allows multiple rooms to be vacuumed from a single inlet. For this reason, inlets will normally be installed in central areas such as hallways and landings.

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