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Built-in Convenience with a Beam Central Vacuum System

The modern and convenient way to vacuum your home.

  • Improve indoor air quality by up to 52%
  • Save time, energy and money
  • Vacuum faster, easier and more efficiently
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Power on Demand

As there is no recharging required, you can vacuum whenever you like and for as long as you need to without the inconvenience of short battery life.

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Clinically Proven Health Benefits

There is no recirculated dust or dirty air, which has been clinically proven to relieve symptoms of asthma & allergies.

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Designed to Last a Housetime©

A Beam Central Vacuum System is comprised of industry leading technology and materials to ensure high durability and longevity.

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What is a Beam Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system is integrated throughout your property allowing you to vacuum faster and more conveniently than ever before.

The system contains three main elements:

  • A vacuum power unit typically located in a utility room, garage or plant room.
  • A concealed 50mm ducting network throughout the property connecting a series of centrally placed vacuum inlets.
  • A 9m vacuum cleaning hose or new retractable hose and set of cleaning tools & accessories.

How does it work?

An integrated vacuum system which uses 50mm PVC ducting installed within the walls and floors to carry all dust, dirt and allergens away from the living area to the collection bin on the central power unit (usually located in garage or utility room). Simply insert the lightweight hose into one of the strategically placed wall inlets or pull the retractable hose from the inlet, and the vacuum power unit will start automatically. With this built-in vacuum cleaner, you can easily move between rooms without lugging around a portable vacuum unit which can cause damage to walls and furniture.

Benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System

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Light & easy to use

With the vacuum power unit placed out of sight in your utility or garage, simply insert the lightweight hose into one of the vacuum inlets conveniently placed throughout your home, and enjoy light and easy vacuuming!

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Low maintenance

Unlike conventional vacuums, a Beam Central Vacuum System has no messy vacuum bags to replace. Simply empty the bin 2-3 times a year and change the filter every 5-6 years.

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Up to 50% more powerful than a portable vacuum

With industrial strength suction, a Beam Central Vacuum System offers deep thorough cleaning for any surface.

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Quiet cleaning performance

Quieter than most household noises that you are used to hearing everyday, vacuum your home easily without disturbing anyone! As the power unit is located away from the living areas, the only noise you'll hear is the quiet hush of airflow through the vacuum hose - the ultimate in quiet cleaning performance.

Beam kitchen vacpan in use

Kitchen VACPAN®

All our Beam Central Vacuum Systems come complete with a VACPAN® - the ultimate in kitchen convenience. Just sweep debris to the VACPAN®, activate the switch with your toe and dirt is whisked away. No more stooping or bending to use the dustpan.

Ideal for New Homes Under Construction

Ducting for your Central Vacuum System within the internal walls will need to be installed when stud walls are in place but before any plasterboard goes on.

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Central vacuum installation

Installation of BEAM Central Vacuum Systems available throughout the UK & Ireland

All systems are designed by an experienced technical team and are installed by fully qualified BEAM engineers or our nationwide team of distributors. We can install this ducted vacuum system into new build properties or retrofit into most existing homes.

Central Vacuum Systems

Innovative design developments have made BEAM the most modern and convenient vacuuming solution.

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Retractable Hose System

An innovative central vacuum hose storage solution, where the hose is contained within the wall and pulled from the wall inlet for use.

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Central Vacuum Systems

BEAM power units are the quietest, most powerful and technically advanced built-in vacuum cleaning systems available.

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Success Stories

With over 80,000 installations throughout Ireland and the UK, our Beam Central Vacuum Systems can be found in all types of homes just like yours.

Clean Country Living with a Beam Central Vacuum System

When building their forever home, Sapphire & Ryan wanted to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern. One of the modern technologies they decided to install was a Beam Central Vacuum System.

Countryhomeni exterior of house in the snow with dog
Invest in a Beam - I promise you, it will be worth every penny!".

Sapphire Duffy

How much does a Beam Central Vacuum System cost?

More affordable than you may think

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3 Bedroom Bungalow
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Guide price for a typical 3 bedroom bungalow

Installation additional. Full survey of plans/house required for accurate quote.


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4 Bedroom 2 Storey
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Guide price for a typical 4 bedroom 2 storey

Installation additional. Full survey of plans/house required for accurate quote.


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5+ Bedroom Home
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Guide price for a typical 5+ bedroom home

Installation additional. Full survey of plans/house required for accurate quote.


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