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Ensure compliance with regulations for dust, fume and mist extraction during machining.

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Protect workers' health

Extract harmful pollutants to reduce health issues for employees.

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Prevent machine breakdowns

Reduce build up of substances which can impact machine functionality.

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Comply with regulations

Our solutions meet or exceed standards required by COSHH.

Machining Solutions

Dust, fumes and mist generated by machining are required to be extracted to maintain a healthy workplace.

AOF Mist Filters

Mounted to each individual machine, AOF Mist Filters are designed to quickly and simply capture and filter coolant and oil mist, returning clean air to the room

  • Easy access for filter change.
  • Independent power supply or wired to machine.
  • Can attach to most machines.

Downdraught Benches

Designed to effectively remove dust and fumes locally to improve indoor air quality during the machining process. Downdraught benches are ideal for smaller machining operations where dust and/or fumes are created. 

  • Simple installation.
  • Energy efficient.
  • COSHH compliant. 

Extraction Booths

Hazardous dust and fumes created during the machining process are drawn horizontally into the extraction walls, where the air is filtered and clean air returned to the workspace. 

  • No upper size limit. 
  • High velocity extraction. 
  • Energy efficient. 

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Success Stories

We have helped companies throughout Ireland & UK benefit from one of our clean indoor air solutions.

Bulk shot collection systems from production lines

Bulk shot collection systems from Beam provide an efficient continuous removal of material directly from any production line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about our Dust & Fume Extraction systems.

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