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On-Torch Extraction Solutions

An integrated extraction nozzle which captures fumes at source.

  • COSHH Compliant
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Versatility
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COSHH Compliant

A suitable extraction solution to meet COSHH requirements.

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Mobility & Flexibility

Welders can move freely without the restrictions of fixed extraction points.

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An extraction method which can be used for MIG and TIG welding.

On torch extraction in use

How On-Torch Extraction Works

A suction nozzle is integrated at the tip of a welding gun to capture fumes at source, before they disperse into the environment. Fumes are extracted to a portable or centralised filtration system, where the air is filtered to remove contaminants. Clean, fresh filtered air is then released back into the workspace.

  • Multi-operator system available.
  • Efficient extraction.
  • Cost effective.

Effective Extraction Solution

Success Stories

With over 75,000 installations throughout Ireland and the UK, our Beam Dust & Fume Extraction Systems can be found in all types of businesses just like yours.

Welding Fume LEV Extract System for Mechanical Services Provider

Alternative Heat are an award-winning leading provider of mechanical services to a range of sectors including technology, healthcare, education, recycling and multi-storey housing. They have developed off-site prefabrication of complex mechanical service plant rooms and elements to deliver cost and time saving benefits to their clients. Resulting from continued growth of their manufacturing base, Beam were selected to design and install a new central welding fume LEV extract system at their new Scarva site.

Alternative Heat logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about on-torch extraction.

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