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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Solutions

Ensure the safe removal of toxic vehicle fumes from enclosed spaces.

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Comply with regulations

Keep employees safe by removing harmful fumes from the workspace.

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Designed to suit your workspace

Carefully designed to work with the layout of your premises.

High efficiency

A system from BEAM can be used for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Solutions

Operating petrol and diesel engineers in enclosed spaces is a well-documented risk, however we can provide expert advice to operators and have solutions available.

Vehicle exhaust extraction retractable hose reel in mechanics garage

Retractable Hose Extract Reel

Hose reels provide a convenient solution for storing an extract hose overhead, allowing it to be used over a wide area within a garage workshop.

  • Less wear and tear on the hose
  • Different hose lengths available
  • Rewind function by mechanical spring
Integrated exhaust extraction system with hose attached to bus

Integrated Exhaust Extraction System

If it’s not possible to use overhead hoses or reels due to height restrictions and the physical limitations of the building, we are able to offer unique one-off solutions which provide savings in running cost.

  • Custom underground exhaust extraction.
  • Stainless steel floor valves for durability. 
  • Minimised noise emissions from extract fan.
Vehicle exhaust enclosure

Vehicle Exhaust Enclosure

We have developed large vehicle exhaust enclosures to provide diesel exhaust extraction. A roll-in roll-out design can accommodate large engine plant, and in addition, provide extraction of fumes generated during the initial start-up and test of the engines.

  • Unique design features.
  • Extract air curtains can be provided. 
Hydrogen gas extract system

Electric Vehicle Charging

We can provide specialist ATEX extract systems for the purposes of multi-vehicle recharging stations. Charging of electric vehicles powered by deep cycle lead-acid battery packs, is covered by separate regulations which relate to the risk of Hydrogen accumulation in enclosed spaces. The most common example of this application is electric forklift recharging.

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Success Stories

We have helped companies throughout Ireland & UK benefit from one of our clean indoor air solutions.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction - Sliding Hose Reel

Industrial Fume Extraction System using an innovative Sliding Hose Reel Solution for forward thinking car dealership.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions about our industrial dust & fume extraction systems.

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