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Axco Ozeo Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)

The Axco Ozeo Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) unit is a whole house extraction unit which ensures permanent renewal of of air in single dwelling houses or multi-dwelling blocks (individually).

Product Suitability

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Whole house ventilation

Air inlets located in living areas & bedrooms, and extraction valves in wetrooms.

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Humidity controlled

Varying extract and supply rates based on the humidity levels.

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Building regulation compliant

Provides appropriate airflow rates to meet building regulations.

Energy efficiency in the home

Energy efficient

A demand controlled system means the unit operates based on humidity levels. Therefore, the system increases extract and supply ventilation rates only when required.

  • No need for trickle/window vents
  • Highly efficient EC motor
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Quiet in operation

Unlike traditional methods of extraction, the Axco Ozeo ventilation system has a very low sound level to ensure no disruption. 

  • No need for noisy extract fans
  • Anti-vibration system

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Unit Specification

Motor Voltage (V) Maximum Absorbed Power (W) Medium Absorbed Power (W) Maximum Absorbed Current (A) Sound Pressure Radied (Lp(a) at 1,5m. (dB(A) at 180m3/h and 140 Pa)
EC 230 54 15 0,4 30

Supply & Extract Valves

Fresh Air Vent

Extract Valve

Fresh Air Vent

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Supplying fresh air into the home based on relative humidity levels. 

Available in two sizes: 100mm and 125mm

Low noise levels

Variable airflow rate of 5 to 45m3/h

Extract Valve

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Adjust extraction airflow rates in wetrooms according to relative ambient humidity.

Available in two sizes: 100mm and 125mm

Removable grill for easy cleaning

Low noise levels

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