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Axco Purge Ventilation

The Axco Purge extract ventilation unit allows rapid removal of stale, odorous and poor quality air from the building providing a healthier, more comfortable environment to be reinstated.

Product Suitability

Nursing Homes
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Complies with Regulations

Purge ventilation helps buildings maintain adequate ventilation to meet requirements.

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Removes Stale Odours

Extraction of air helps to remove any smells that may be present.

High Efficiency

We use smoothflow rigid ducting to provides high efficiency & low pressure loss.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

Stale, moist air is removed from the building along with any pollutants to leave clean, fresh indoor air.

  • Increased comfort for building occupants
  • Increased productivity due to indoor air quality

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Consistent Performance

Unlike natural methods of ventilation, a Purge Ventilation System extracts air consistently to ensure a high level of indoor air quality.

  • Equivalent to 4 air changes per hour
  • No need to open windows

Features & Benefits

Can help dissipate dangerous substances such as smoke or gases
100% variable speed control for commissioning set point
Improved thermal comfort
Easy and quick to install
Airflow up to 161 l/s
Simple 1 setting setup
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