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Axco Counterflow Heat Recovery Ventilation

Manufactured for us in the UK and Energy Saving Trust (EST) Best Practice Compliant, our advanced counterflow MVHR units have high efficiency and high airflow capability.

Product Suitability

Nursing Homes
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Continuous Fresh Air

Enjoy 24/7 fresh, filtered air circulation, ensuring a healthier & comfortable indoor environment

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Eliminate Moisture & Stale Air

Efficiently removes moisture & stale air from wetrooms, reducing condensation and improving indoor air quality.

Energy-Efficient Heat Recovery

Recycles air to maintain comfortable warmth, saving energy without trickle vents or extractor fans

MVHR ceiling valve

Up to 92% Efficiency

Our Counterflow Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems extract stale, moist air from wetrooms and supply fresh, filtered air to other rooms. Before the fresh air is distributed, it is warmed by a heat exchanger in the unit. 

  • Energy Saving Trust compliant
  • Highly efficient heat exchange
  • Demand controlled ventilation rates (manual boost switch also provided)
C range filters

G4 filters as standard

To ensure the air being supplied into the building is clean, all BEAM Axco Counterflow Systems have G4 filters as standard.

  • Removes pollutants and insects
  • Helps reduce symptoms for asthma & allergy sufferers
  • Improved indoor air quality


Axco MVHR Unit C65 C90 C130 C170 C440 C570
Energy Saving Trust Compliant
Demand control / Manual Boost System
% Heat Exchange Efficiency (HEE) 88% 92% 92% 89% 91% 91%
Specific Fan Power (SFP) 0.6wls −¹ 0.5wls −¹% 0.5wls −¹% 0.5wls −¹%% 0.38 wls-1 0.43 wls-1
Summer Bypass
Flow (max) 245m³h−¹ 390m³h−¹ 500m³h−¹ 700m³h−¹ 443m³h−¹ 568m³h−¹
SAP Appendix Q Listed
G4 Filters
Dimension W x H x D (mm) 600 x 430 x 295 715 x 490 x 426 790 x 665 x 495 752 x 708 x 549 600 x 602 x 477 600 x 602 x 477
Inlet Diameter (mm) 125 150 150 200 150 150

BEAM Counterflow Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Controls




Image for <p>Aura-T<sup>®</sup></p>

The Aura-T® SMART (WiFi) touchscreen controller allows easy operation of programming, commissioning and occupancy control for BEAM Axco MVHR Models C130 & C170.

Simple user friendly interface

Programmable boost inhibit

WiFi connection

Switch configuration menu

Compatible with BEAM Vent-SMART® app

Time and day display

Compact sleek design

Backlight with automatic dimming


Image for <p>Auralite<sup>®</sup></p>

Auralite® is a low voltage hard wired remote LED ventilation system status indicator, designed to fit a standard UK patress or recessed backbox. The indicator is for use with Axco C Range models C65 and C90.

Normal Running - the system is running at continuous speed (normal mode) or the unit is running at setback speed if this light is flashing

Frost Protection - the unit is in automatic frost protection mode

Filter Change - the filters require changing

Boost Speed - the system is running in boost speed if this light is flashing

Summer - the unit is in summer bypass mode

Fault - there is a fault with the system and the installer should be contacted

Download the BEAM Vent-SMART® app

Easy and straightforward to use, the BEAM Vent-SMART® app is ideal for installers and homeowners alike, allowing greater use of our C130 and C170 MVHR units.

  • Android or iOS mobile devices
  • Greater flexibility and control
  • User friendly interface
Download the App
Beam Vent Smart App

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