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The award-winning FireSafe® range is designed to assist ventilation without comprising fire safety.

Firesafe range from BEAM

What is the FireSafe® range?

In recent years, there has been a greater focus on fire safety within the construction industry. The FireSafe® range from BEAM is designed to be used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation systems to aid airflow while ensuring fire safety regulations are complied with.  

Benefits of FireSafe® Range

Premier inn with fire safe airbricks installed

Low resistance to airflow, high resistance to fire

Connecting to the ventilation ducting, the FireSafe® Range ensures the efficient flow of air into/out the building, while also offering fire safety protection.

Comply with regulations

Compliant with building regulations

FireSafe® Airbricks and Push Through Wall Kits are both constructed from A1 sheet metal and are powder coated to A2-S1 to meet legal requirements, particularly for high-rise buildings.

Handprint in condensation

Helps tackle condensation & mould

BEAM's FireSafe® Range works with a mechanical ventilation system to provide sufficient airflow through the system and into/out of a building. Adequate ventilation is required to prevent condensation forming. 

Facade of building with firesafe airbricks

Suitable for most building styles

These products are available in a number of sizes and colours to suite most building styles. Bevelled trim adaptors are also available for buildings with exterior cladding.

FireSafe® Product Range

FireSafe Airbricks

FireSafe Airbricks

  • High Resistance to Fire
  • Low Resistance to Airflow
  • Constructed from Non-Combustible Sheet Metal
Product Range
FireSafe Pushthrough Wall Kit

FireSafe Pushthrough Wall Kit

  • Non-Combustible
  • Helps Tackle Mould & Condensation
  • Easy to Install
Product Range

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