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Axco Wall Mounted Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Suitable for apartments/flats, the wall mounted PIV unit is designed to draw fresh air from outside through a filtered power unit which is then ducted to a central location in the property.

Product Suitability

Nursing Homes
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Improves Indoor Air Quality

Constantly providing gentle ventilation from a central location.

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Quiet in Operation

When installed correctly, the system is whisper quiet.

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Suitable for Flats & Apartments

Mounted to an external wall to bring in fresh air from outside.

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Eliminates Condensation & Mould Growth

Designed to run continuously, the loft mounted unit dilutes, displaces and replaces moisture laden air with fresh filtered air, forcing contaminants out of the property through natural cracks and leakages.

  • No need for trickle vents
  • Constant fresh air
  • No streaming windows 
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Health Benefits

As the system is providing clean, fresh, filtered air into the home, there are a number of health benefits due to the improved indoor air quality.

  • G4 standard filters remove airborne particles
  • Reduce symptoms of asthma & allergies
  • Eliminates harmful mould


Trickle 9
Medium 11
Large 17
Boost 20
Trickle 3.4
Medium 3.8
Large 4.8
Boost 6.1
Specific Fan Power (SFP)
Trickle 0.39
Medium 0.33
Large 0.29
Boost 0.30
Unit dimensions (W x H x D) 505mm x 380mm x 185mm
Integral comfort Pre Heater
Integral G4 filter
Ceiling valve Square: 300mm x 300mm x 30mm

Exclusive to BEAM

Ceiling Air Diffuser

Ceiling Air Diffuser

Image for <p>Ceiling Air Diffuser</p>

Our modern slimline ceiling air diffuser distributes air evenly, without causing draughts. 

Fully adjustable 4-sided opening

Suitable for most valve locations, including close proximity to smoke alarms

Smoothflow, easy clean, white uPVC

Energy saving holiday mode facility

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