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Atex Dust Extraction System in Pharmaceutical Laboratory

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Beam provided a bespoke ATEX approved dust extraction and house-keeping system for maintaining adequate cleaning space for laboratory equipment.

Our Client:

Waters Technologies is the world’s leading specialty measurement provider with over 60 years of innovation, including introduction of new disruptive technologies and award winning research in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development, with a focus on the improvement of human health and wellbeing.

Waters Technologies building


The client was developing a new cleanroom to facilitate new production equipment and consulted with BEAM regarding their pharmaceutical dust extraction requirements.

The equipment consisted of specialist pharmaceutical production machinery which required precise dust extraction at multiple locations.

The complexity of the application was resolving an overall control strategy for multiple points of dust extraction, all requiring individual calibration, and at the same time providing feedback to the client.

BEAM carried out several site visits and developed a bespoke analytical strategy to define the system requirements which was agreed with the client. Our engineers applied specialist assessment techniques and ultimately produced a specification and benchmarking strategy for the proposed solution.


We provided a specialist central ATEX dust extraction unit, and supplied and fitted the interconnecting ductwork and multiple connections to all the required tablet pressing production machines within the clean room.

We resolved the conflicting issues of wide variation in extract requirements by employing an innovative combination of demand control, bespoke duct design and specialist air balancing equipment. In addition to providing the necessary control of dust at the equipment, our ATEX vacuum system also provides the capability for housekeeping which has been a great bonus to the client’s operations.

Manual-Beam-Vacuum Hose plugged into waters technology machine

Geoff Ryan, Senior Facilities & Maintenance Manager in Waters stated:

We have been working with BEAM for 20 years now. They recently installed a Vacuum System into a new production room, which was a complex project due to the production equipment's requirements. BEAM offered an excellent design solution which their installation team assembled on site. The new vacuum system has worked very well, with the Waters Production department very happy with the end result.”

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