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Beam Central Vacuum and Whole House Ventilation (MEV/PIV) for New Build, Co Down

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A Beam Central Vacuum System and Whole House Ventilation (PIV/MEV) were installed into this County Down new build. 

This stunning Georgian-inspired build is home to Gail and her husband William.  It's beautiful interiors are shared by Gail via her popular Instagram account @buick.house

The Beam Central Vacuum System and Mechanical Extract Ventilation/ Positive Input Ventilation combination the couple chose to have installed meet Building Control Ventilation Requirements and work together to provide clean, fresh indoor air.

A Whole Home Vacuum System

During the early stages of their build, the couple decided that they wanted a central vacuum in their home. So, when their architect completed the initial drawings for the project, the couple began to do some research on built in vacuums.

Gail didn't want to drag a conventional vacuum behind her up and down the stairs. We wanted the flexibility offered by multiple points and the dust extracted to an external location rather than a conventional vacuum where the dust circulates and remains within the home. Research showed us that BEAM was the recognised leading brand for built-in vacuum systems. This was important as we knew they offered excellent installation, service and after sales advice.”

Photo of William


vacpan and brush Vacpan on kitchen island

A visit to the Self Build Exhibition, Belfast

In 2017, the build had progressed to foundation stage. With the Central Vacuum firmly in their mind, William and Gail visited the Beam stand at the Selfbuild Exhibition in Belfast. Here, they got to experience the powerful suction of the central vacuum system for themselves and were shown the Mechanical Ventilation options for their home in line with Building Control Regulations, which included:

Beam showed us the various options for the central vacuum and discussed the benefits of the Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) and Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) systems and would you believe we made our purchase there and then - we didn't even have a single brick in place.”

Photo of William


The couple decided to go with the Central Vacuum System and for ventilation; they chose the combination of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and Positive Input Ventilation.

Central Vacuum & MEV/PIV working together for clean,fresh indoor air

Built-in freshness is the philosophy of Beam and the Central Vacuum & MEV/PIV systems work so well together to fulfil this ideal.

The Central Vacuum removes dirt and dust away from the living areas into the bin, which for this home is located in the detached garage.

The single, low energy Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) fan works to continuously remove stale moist air from the bathrooms and kitchen and the PIV system works simultaneously to constantly replace this stale air with a supply of fresh filtered air throughout the home.

MEV valve in bathroom Bathroom with extract valve

There are many benefits of having a Central Vacuum, some of which can be found on page 4 of the Beam Product Brochure.

Gail and William were surprised by the lightweight nature of the 9-meter vacuum hose and the fact that it can be used to vacuum not only floors, but upholstery and soft furnishings as well. Their personal favourite feature of the system is their VACPAN in the kitchen. This comes as standard with every system. Paired with their choice of ventilation it was the perfect fit for their home.

The VACPAN is genius. In essence, it is a slot installed in the kickboard. A quick brush, a flick of a switch and the dirt is sucked away. We are so delighted that we opted for the ventilation systems as well. The air in the house is constantly fresh. We have no extractor fans in the bathrooms, instead using the ventilation system. I have a real thing about stale cooking smells and with the ventilation system there are none in the kitchen. There is also the benefit of a booster button - this can be manually used if more suction is required in either the bathroom or the kitchen. It is so hard to describe but the house just always smells fresh - as if the windows have been left open for a few hours.”

Photo of Gail & William

Gail & William

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