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BEAM Central Vacuum & Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) for Selfbuild, Co. L’Derry

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Alannah and her husband Aaron started their self-build journey at the beginning of 2020, receiving planning permission in June and breaking ground in August. One full year later through Covid times they finally moved into their family home in the countryside, with stunning views over the Sperrin Mountains.

Alannah has been documenting their full self-build journey on Instagram @buildingnumber15.

We spoke to Alannah about their build process and the stage at which the BEAM Central Vacuum and Positive Input Ventilation Systems were installed.

At what stage of the build did you first speak to BEAM?

“I came across BEAM on Instagram and was keen to learn more about the systems and how they could improve the quality of air in our new home. I called the office and arranged a meeting on site to speak with Keith our Local Technical Advisor who was very helpful and informative. I felt confident that he was recommending the best options available to us.”

“When the blockwork was complete on both floors and the roof was on we contacted BEAM about their Central Vacuum System and options for Mechanical Ventilation.”

Here is one of our helpful blogs explaining ‘what happens at 1st and 2nd fix when building your home.’

buildingnumber15 inside house under construction buildingnumber15 house under construction

What BEAM systems did you choose and why?

“We had initially wanted to go for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, but as we had already installed the steel framework for the suspended ceiling, and we didn’t have the minimum required depth of 100mm for the ductwork so this wasn't suitable for us. Definitely a lesson for any other self-builders to take a note of.”

“We were so thankful that BEAM had alternative ventilation solutions and we opted for a Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV)! We installed two of these small units in our loft space and they work perfectly to bring fresh air into our home. The ceiling valves are very discrete in the landing space.”

BEAM PIV systems draw fresh filtered air into the home and gently ventilates from a central position in the landing area. The system dilutes and replaces moisture-laden air which helps prevent or remove condensation and mould which can present itself in homes without adequate ventilation.

Read more about Positive Input Ventilation here.

buildingnumber15-stairs-with-PIV-valve-on-ceiling side buildingnumber15-stairs-with-PIV-valve-on-ceiling

BEAM Central Vacuum for a Clean, Healthy Family Home

“We wanted the healthy option of a BEAM Central Vacuum System as it completely removes dirt and dust from the home when vacuuming. There’s no recirculated dusty air like you would get with a pull-along vacuum which was a real selling point for me. We have two small children so ensuring their wellbeing was a factor in all our decision-making processes.”

“We placed the vacuum unit in a tall cupboard in our utility room next to the back door, making it easy to empty the bin a couple of times a year when required.”

buildingnumber15 central vacuum inlet in kitchen buildingnumber15 central vacuum

A BEAM Central Vacuum is the ultimate modern cleaning solution! It’s a built-in vacuum system which uses 50mm PVC ducting installed within the walls and floors to carry all dust, dirt and allergens away from living areas to the collection bin in the power unit.

To use, Alannah simply inserts the lightweight hose into the wall inlets and the vacuum power unit starts automatically, allowing her to move easily between rooms without pulling along a portable vacuum which can damage walls and furniture.

Read the full benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System.

Watch the video below to see Alannah using the Beam Vacuum System in their family home.

Having used the Beam Vacuum System, what do you love most about it?

“I love the fact that there is no recirculated dust in our new home, even the dreaded new build dust didn’t last long as the Beam Vacuum was so efficient at removing it when we first moved in! The vacpan is also just amazing! We installed one in the kitchen and one in the utility room. They are so handy for removing small amounts of dirt quickly and conveniently.”

How was your overall experience working with BEAM?

“Overall, we had a very pleasant experience with BEAM, from the initial meeting right through to the installation process and after living in the house we have received a very efficient and friendly service. We have since recommended BEAM to Aaron’s brother and his family for their self-build project and they are going for both a Beam Central Vacuum and Heat Recovery Ventilation System.”

Beam Central Vacuum & Mechanical Ventilation systems compliment each other. Here’s our helpful blog which explains why: ‘The Perfect Combination for clean indoor air and good health.’

Head over to Instagram to follow the rest of Alannah’s home journey @buildingnumber15.

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