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BEAM Central Vacuum System for Self Build, Co. Antrim

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For Melanie and her husband Paul, setting out to build their family home was a dream come true. One year on, the family are settled into their forever home and enjoying the benefits of the BEAM Central Vacuum System.

For the couple, setting out to build their family home was a dream come true. They started the design and build process in 2018 and moved in just in time for Christmas 2020. 

Melanie created an Instagram account @home.at.number39 to document life decorating and furnishing the home and now is a source of interior inspiration for her 8,500 followers across Ireland and UK.

One year on, the family are well settled into life in their forever home and enjoying the benefits of the BEAM Central Vacuum System and Heat Recovery Ventilation System installed.

Cleaning Convenience with a BEAM Vacuum System

Paul was very familiar with a BEAM Central Vacuum System, as there was one installed in his family home. He contacted BEAM when finalising his own house plans as he knew it was a must when building his own family home.

My husband Paul grew up with a BEAM Vacuum system in his family home, so it was always something we were going to have in our own home too. At the planning stage we thought about everything we wanted to put into our self-build and both the BEAM Vacuum and Heat Recovery Ventilation systems were pretty much at the top of that list!”

Photo of Melanie


MVHR and vacuum in living room inlet on wall

The BEAM Central Vacuum System is designed for convenience. It makes vacuuming faster, easier and more efficient.

We choose the BEAM Vacuum System as it’s a lot more powerful than a normal vacuum and a lot quieter. The connection points are located all around the house which we colour matched to our plugs and light switches. They are so easy to use – just flip the cover down, insert the hose and you’re good to go. The long vacuum hose reaches all the way up the stairs and onto my landing so there’s no need to haul a heavy portable vacuum about. It’s great!”

Photo of Melanie


inlet beside patterned chair Vacuum inlet and hose in hallway

Melanie’s favourite part of the BEAM vacuum system is the kitchen vacpan.

A kitchen vacpan was also installed as part of the Beam vacuum system. I was amazed when I saw it and just knew with a busy house of kids it would make cleaning much easier. It’s discretely located on the kickboard in the kitchen island. After the kids have eaten, it’s so easy to brush crumbs to the vacpan, flip the switch with my toe and all is swept away! This makes it so easy to use at any time of the day.”

Photo of Melanie


The BEAM Vacuum also comes with a range of accessories for cleaning everything in the home. Melanie uses the 3-in-1 cleaning tool for vacuuming sofas, soft furnishings, window areas and even the skirting boards perfect for every corner of the home.

In Paul & Melanie’s home, the BEAM Vacuum unit is located in a cupboard within the house. This allows for easy access to empty the bin 2-3 times a year and to store the hose alongside the unit.

The Beam vacuum is also great for pets! We have a Great Dane and even though she has short hair, she can shed a lot depending on the season. I just plug in the hose and clean up quickly.” “The bin only needs emptied at least twice a year which means I don’t have to worry about vacuum bags!”

Photo of Melanie


Check out the video below to see the BEAM Central vacuum System in action!

Be sure to follow their house journey on Instagram @home.at.number39 and check out their highlights to see their BEAM systems in use.

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