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BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation for Self-Build, Co. L'Derry

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In 2017, Roma and Michael started the process of designing their forever home overlooking the green fields of Derry/Londonderry. In 2019 the build was complete, and the couple have since enjoyed constant fresh filtered air in their self-build home courtesy of a BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation System.

Roma created a self-build Instagram account @fortloughview to document the progress of their build. Now living in the house, Roma continues to share the progress of their beautiful new home and is a source of interior inspiration for all her followers.

Kitchen with ventilation valve Shower with ventilation valve

The Self-Build Journey

For the couple, building their forever home meant getting it right first time. On the must-have list was a mechanical ventilation system. 

When starting the blockwork stage of their self-build journey, Roma and Michael attended the Selfbuild Exhibition in Belfast (the go-to home show to attend when building for inspiration and expert advice)! Interested in seeking out the best ventilation system and provider for their home, they called on the BEAM stand and spoke to one of our ventilation experts who provided a product demonstration and explanation of how a Heat Recovery Ventilation system worked and the benefits it would bring.

As our house was being built airtight, we knew we needed a mechanical ventilation system that would allow fresh air into our home. We knew BEAM were a reputable company and had been in the business for many years. We decided to have a look for ourselves at the Selfbuild Belfast show and were so pleased with the quality products after speaking with the team.”

Photo of Roma


Fortloughview bedroom Fortloughview kitchen

Build Tight - Ventilate Right

Building regulations state that new airtight homes must have adequate ventilation to provide good indoor air quality. The type of ventilation will be determined by the airtightness level, lifestyle of the occupants and house construction type. For Roma and Michael, who wanted to build tight and ventilate right, a Beam Heat Recovery Ventilation System was the best option as it provided the most energy efficient way of ventilating their airtight home.

The Heat Recovery ventilation system works away in the background to supply our home with constant filtered air. We don’t have to open any windows to get fresh air around the place. It’s especially good for the bathrooms as it’s continuously extracting the damp stale air out, so there is no condensation.”

Photo of Roma


In keeping with the traditional style bungalow, the ventilation ceiling valves were also a discrete fit for the home. The ventilation unit is located in the roofspace, with easy access to allow for changing the filters every 12-18 months, which ensures the system operates to its best efficiency and that the air coming into the home is always as fresh as possible.

Michael and I had a great experience working with BEAM. From our initial contact with the office, to meeting the team at the Selfbuild Belfast show and getting the system installed. Nothing was too much to ask and we are so happy we chose them. Our home just feels so fresh all the time – we love it!”

Photo of Roma


Roma continues to document the interior design stage of her new home on Instagram @fortloughview and has even set up her own business @fortloughinteriors.

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