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Located in Dublin, Grifols is an International Pharmaceutical company specialising in manufacturing plasma based medicines.

The Issue

The manufacturing centre required an industrial fixed Central Vacuum System to eliminate harmful airborne particles that could potentially contaminate the processing of its medicines within a cleanroom environment.

Grifols staff

The Solution

Rather than using a portable vacuum cleaner with a poor filter or exhaust condition, a fixed Industrial Central Vacuum System from Beam was installed, ensuring risk of contamination to the cleanroom environment was eliminated.

The built in Industrial Vacuum System is provided to several areas in the facility, eliminating the risk of cross contamination between product areas.
It provides a ready-to-use utility throughout the factory floor and has given the client a means of rapid response in dealing with unexpected spills etc.

The built-in Industrial Vacuum System has also eliminated the needs for electric cables, improving electrical safety and risk of hazard.

The Industrial Central Vacuum equipment does not suffer wear and tear as it is in a fixed position and requires very little maintenance compared to a regular vacuum cleaner.
Operations are now improved with the ease of use of the Industrial Central Vacuum System and have proved to be an extremely convenient measure of housekeeping.

The Industrial Central Vacuum System has been introduced into the daily housekeeping activities as a means of built-in maintenance and vacuum cleaning of the production equipment.

Vacuum unit at Grifols Vacuum hose storage at Grifols

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