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Built-In Vacuum for Renovated New Build, Co. Meath

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An existing new build home in County Meath, Ireland with BEAM Central Vacuum already installed.

After a decade living in London working in interiors and design, homeowner Ruth moved home to Ireland with her husband and young family. The family purchased their new home - a four-bed, 5,000sq ft house in Co. Meath. Luckily for them, the previous owners had chosen to install a Beam Central Vacuum System!

A Built-In Whole Home Vacuum System

The new build was only a year old, but the couple decided the reconfigure and renovate the build to suit their young family and décor tastes. One thing they decided to keep was the built-in Beam Central Vacuum System and 2 years on, Ruth is so glad that they did.

Our system was installed by Beam when the house was being built…I use the system daily and genuinely love it. The hose is lightweight and long enough to go from go from room to room, which means I can fly around the house in no time.”

Photo of Ruth

@house_of_ goose

A Central Vacuum Verses Cordless Hoovers

Ruth documented her renovation and now documents her home through her Instagram account @house_of_goose. When she posts about housework and vacuuming, her followers are fascinated by the length of the Beam hose and the fact that the suction is so powerful.

Woman vacuuming stairs Vacuum hose in hallway

Ruth is often asked about her Central Vacuum and how she finds using it compared to a cordless vacuum.

We have a handheld vac too and there’s no way I’d do the whole house with it, it doesn’t compare at all”

Photo of Ruth

@house_of_ goose

Can a Central Vacuum be retrofitted into an existing house?

As Ruth’s home already had the system before she moved in, the previous owners had made the decision for her. But in short - the answer is yes! The system can be retrofitted depending on the style of the home and a few other factors. It would be best to speak to the Beam experts on this. Get in touch or call our team on +44 (0)28 7963 2424.

A Beam Central Vacuum is most popular for new build homes. For new builds under construction, we recommend that customers get in touch once their plans have been passed, we will then be able to provide a free quotation. Our installation team then begin installation work at first fix stage of the build. (the system is also available on a DIY supply only basis.)

Find out more about the Benefits of a Central Vacuum System or Get in touch for your free brochure.

*Images from @house_of_goose Instagram account.

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