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Central Vacuum System and PIV/MEV for North Coast New Build

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A modern seaside home with Beam Central Vacuum and Mechanical Ventilation Systems installed.

Located just a 5-minute walk from Portrush East Strand and the famous Royal Portrush Golf club, this chalet bungalow is a block build with a stunning redwood timber cladding, making it a stand-out home along the beautiful North Coast.

The house has been designed specifically to allow for wheelchair accessibility, including the lowering of kitchen countertops and appliances and easily accessible bathroom facilities.

The owner of this home is an experienced engineer who worked closely with Montgomery Irwin Architects and Lismoyle Construction to create this stunning contemporary home. No stranger to the building world, this is the clients third new build project.

In this latest project, the clients installed a BEAM Central Vacuum System and a Whole House Ventilation system which included both Demand Controlled Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

Whole House Ventilation System

The PIV system draws fresh filtered air into the home from a central position, replacing diluted moisture laden air.  At the same time, the MEV  system draws moisture laden air out of wet rooms and kitchens, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Beam ventilation valve on ceiling in dining room

BEAM Central Vacuum System

Multiple vacuum wall inlets were installed in the home to allow the client to conveniently vacuum the home from a central location. An automatic dustpan (Vacpan) was also installed in the kitchen for daily sweep-ups.

Units Location

As the house was a chalet bungalow, there was limited void space on the 1st floor to install the PIV and MEV systems, so we installed both ventilation systems in a void space above the kitchen.

The BEAM power unit was installed in the attached garage. Not only does this prevent recirculated dust in the home, it also allows the client more space within their utility room and makes it easily accessible for vacuuming their car.

This is the third house we have installed a Beam Central Vacuum System in. We wanted to keep in line with modern built-in technologies and already knew the benefits of having the system installed so it was a simple decision for us. A whole house ventilation system was also going to help improve the indoor air quality – the air feels lovely and fresh 24/7.”

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