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Central Vacuum System for Commercial Car Valeting

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A BEAM Central Vacuum System was supplied and installed into the valeting area of this business for commercial vacuuming of vehicles.

About the company

Based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Alpha Accident Management is a family-run business specialising in the provision of accident management services throughout Northern Ireland.

In addition to their existing facilities, they decided to add a new valeting bay to their premises, for the cleaning of vehicles.

The company were eager to move away from the issues that they had experienced previously with portable vacuums, for example:

  • The constant recirculation of dirty, dusty air
  • Risk of damage to cars from portable vacuums banging against them
  • Potential trip hazard from trailing cables
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Having chosen our Central Vacuum Systems for various residential projects in the past, the company owner was already familiar with the built-in benefits of a BEAM Central Vacuum System. With this in mind, our team were tasked with proposing a solution for his business needs.

For this commercial application, we supplied and installed a BEAM Serenity 398 unit with 3 inlets.

The Benefits

Like all BEAM Central Vacuum Systems, this system offers high performance and high efficiency, as well as a range of other benefits, which are very important, especially with the extended use in a commercial application such as this:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • ​There’s no recirculated dust or dirty air to breathe
  • Up to 50% more suction than a portable vacuum
  • No loss of power or re-charging needed
  • No risk of damage to cars
  • Trip hazard from trailing cables removed

Mr. Reid of Alpha Accident Management commented on how the central vacuum system has benefited his staff and improved cleaning performance:

Since the installation of the system, we have noticed that the cleaning time of vehicles has reduced. Our staff find that it is so easy to use – with no heavy vacuum to drag around. The various attachments that come with the hose are a bonus in our line of work!”

The health benefits of the system are also key, especially in a commercial setting, where vacuuming is taking place for extended periods of time:

here have been noticeable improvements in the indoor air quality in the valeting area - there is no recirculated dusty air from the central vacuum system, unlike previous vacuum cleaners we had used. I would not hesitate in recommending BEAM to others.”

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