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Centralised on-tool dust extraction system at specialist vehicle coachbuilders

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Quinn Hearse and Limousine is a specialist custom vehicle-building business based in Portglenone, Co. Antrim and founded in 1995 by Fearghas Quinn. Together with son Patrick and daughter Deborah, this family business has grown into an internationally recognised brand, known for its innovation in the industry and a unique client-focused approach.

The company recently developed a new showroom, offices and production facility, with the aim to maintain the Quinn Hearse and Limousine Brand at the forefront of the sector. They also wanted to incorporate best practices and long term sustainability measures for the future.

Beam’s Industrial Team were contacted and asked to survey the existing Dust Extraction systems and consider whether these could be improved to facilitate increased production.


Centralised demand-controlled dust extraction system

The existing Dust Extraction in the coach-building workshop was previously provided by multiple portable vacuum units each connected to a range of powered and hand tools for shaping and finishing vehicle bodywork. Whilst the systems were effective, the team at Quinn’s were pursuing further innovation and improvements - as with all aspects of their processes.

Following survey and close communication with the team at Quinn’s, BEAM designed, supplied, and installed a multi-operator on-tool centralised Dust Extraction system. The system has capacity for multiple simultaneous operators throughout the factory.

The system features an 18 kW large filter unit with built-in compressed air filter cleaning. The waste material is now collected in one location and provides demand-controlled extraction at multiple work stations throughout the factory floor.

The unit is located in a separate plant room and features pressure sensing to detect the number of hoses plugged in, and varies the speed of the motor to match the demand.

Key outcomes of dust extraction project:

  • Cleaner and tidier work space area with the elimination of multiple portable vacuum units and their wiring and connections;
  • Dust extraction is always ready at hand;
  • The convenience and power of the system has been welcomed by the staff and has led to improved dust-free product, surfaces and work space;
  • Elimination of vacuum motor noise has contributed to a more relaxed environment;
  • Suction inlets are switch-controlled and only operate when needed;
  • The automatic variable speed system has provided energy saving potential of around 35% per operator
  • Vacuum maintenance is greatly reduced, and the expert crafts people can carry out their tasks more effectively and efficiently

I was confident to engage BEAM on this project as they always responded quickly to my questions with intelligent and considered answers. They listened to my ideas and actually delivered the centralised dust extraction system exactly as I had envisaged. The initial cost of the system is comparable to replacing our portables, so we consider it a very cost-effective solution.”

Photo of Fearghas Quinn

Fearghas Quinn
Director, Quinn Hearse & Limousine

BEAM staff have definitely shone out during the whole process of designing and ultimately installing and commissioning the system. They dealt with some snags without delay and ensured the system was properly tested and commissioned. Our workforce have recognised this investment and have taken ownership of it. We could immediately see the vast improvement this Beam centralised dust extraction system has made to our production facility with the virtual elimination of dust from day one. Our experience with the product and Beam has been excellent and we are more than happy to recommend them.”

Photo of Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn
Director, Quinn Hearse & Limousine

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