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Clean Country Living with a Beam Central Vacuum System

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When building their forever home, Sapphire & Ryan wanted to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern. One of the modern technologies they decided to install was a Beam Central Vacuum System.

Reliable and Efficient

Following previous bad experiences with unreliable portable vacuums and after hearing many positive reviews about BEAM, Sapphire & Ryan knew early in their build that a Beam Central Vacuum System was the right choice for their home.

Our previous vacuum experiences were marred by frequent breakdowns and diminishing suction power over time, which led us to seek a more reliable and efficient solution. After hearing numerous positive reviews about BEAM, it became an obvious choice for us to integrate this system into our new build.”

Photo of Sapphire Duffy

Sapphire Duffy

First fix installation of Beam Central Vacuum Second fix installation of Beam Central Vacuum kitchen vacpan

High Power Suction

Sapphire and Ryan can be guaranteed a deep clean thanks to the industrial strength suction of a Beam Central Vacuum System. A built-in vacuum from BEAM is up to 50% more powerful than any portable vacuum cleaner.

Unlike a robot vacuum, which left our floors feeling less than spotless, I can rely on a Beam to vacuum to the highest standards. The suction power is truly exceptional – one of the best I've ever witnessed. I absolutely love it!”

Photo of Sapphire Duffy

Sapphire Duffy

The high-power, deep cleaning capabilities of a Beam Central Vacuum System is perfect for animal lovers, Sapphire & Ryan. Their furry friends can leave hair and dander throughout the house, but a Beam Central Vacuum System removes all traces in no time. There’s even a pet grooming brush available to keep pets clean and tidy!

Beam is fantastic, especially if you have pets. With 3 cats and a dog, our home deals with a daily influx of dirt from our cats. Using the vacuum gives our floors a thorough clean, and its excellent for handling pet fur.”

Photo of Sapphire Duffy

Sapphire Duffy

Dog in hallway with Beam Central Vacuum inlet on wall Cat with Beam central Vacuum hose

Whole House Cleaning Convenience

With a Beam Central Vacuum system, Sapphire and Ryan no longer need to worry about lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room or recharging a battery – they only need to plug the lightweight hose into the wall and go!

A Beam Central Vacuum system is ideal for Sapphire & Ryan’s home, which features beautiful high ceilings, wood paneling, and a mix of hard floors and carpets. With an array of attachments available, there’s something to suit every surface and need! One of Sapphire’s favourite things about her Beam Alliance Central Vacuum system is the 3-in-1 tool which makes cleaning the whole house much more convenient. It easily converts to a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle, and a fabric tool. No more juggling multiple attachments – their house is spotless from top to bottom with just one simple tool!

Beam Central vacuum unit in storage room with hose on hanger Countryhomeni vacuuming hallway

Sapphire also describes the Beam Vacpan as a “lifesaver” in their kitchen. With constant food preparation, their kitchen can become messy throughout the day, but with a simple sweep into the Vacpan, the kitchen is clean and tidy in seconds!

Sapphire and Ryan’s Central Vacuum unit is located away from the point of cleaning, in a cupboard in the utility room. This placement means there is no recirculated dirty or dusty air back into the living areas. This keeps their home fresh, dust free and there are no unpleasant odours as with a portable vacuum.

Worth Every Penny

Sapphire and Ryan would recommend installing a Beam Central Vacuum System to anyone building a house:

My advice to self-builders considering the Beam Vacuum system is straightforward; Invest in a Beam - I promise you, it will be worth every penny! Choosing Beam has been an investment I'm thrilled we made. My experience with BEAM was outstanding. Their customer service was not only fantastic but also incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.”

Photo of Sapphire Duffy

Sapphire Duffy

You can follow Sapphire & Ryan over on Instagram at @countryhomeni

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