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Commercial Central Vacuum for Offices

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A Commercial Central Vacuum installation for the new offices of Tara Mines in Navan, Co Meath - the largest zinc mine in Europe.

The company has a strong focus on safety and efficient work processes and strives to implement high-tech state of the art solutions across all areas.

The Requirements

As part of the company’s investment in continuous innovation, Beam provided a commercial central vacuum system for their new-build office block (which was to be situated next to the dusty environments of the company's factory and site).

Due to location, the company recognised there would be the potential of dust being brought into the office building from their manufacturing site and that there was a need for a comprehensive commercial central vacuum system for general housekeeping.

Key requirements included:

  • Provision of a high-powered commercial central vacuum system for collection of fine dusts throughout the office/building floors
  • Suitability for use by multiple operators simultaneously
  • The need for centralised collection of waste to an externally located vacuum plant/separator.

The BEAM Solution

Beam engineers visited and surveyed the site before and during the construction phase to offer guidance and advice on where to strategically place the inlets and where the unit itself could be located.

Internally, "Butler Vac" points were included for workers to vacuum their clothing down when coming in from the dusty factory environment. Standard vacuum inlets and sweep up points were also placed around the new office complex. The installation also included a 'Turbix' Pre separator beside the main vacuum plant.

Beam's Approved Distributor, Alan Garland, provided the installation service, as well as a comprehensive handover/demonstration and commissioning of the complete system upon completion.

The system successfully met the needs of the company and is used on a regular basis by staff.


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