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Commercial Central Vacuum System for Car Valeting Centre

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Agnew Group have recently invested over £3.5 million in a new 23,000sqft state-of-the-art valet and bodyshop preparation centre near the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. BEAM were pleased to have recently installed a bespoke centralised car valeting system in Agnew’s new facility.

Bespoke Centralised Car Valeting System

Designed for multiple users in larger residential and commercial premises, 2 No. Revo Block commercial vacuum units cover 10 valeting bays, with an integral ducting system fitted under the finished floors. Each bay has convenient access to a central vacuum inlet and all the necessary vacuum hose and tools. The operator simply inserts the soft touch hose into the vacuum inlet to begin vacuuming the cars. The system has the capacity for up to eight simultaneous operators to vacuum both customers and showroom cars quickly and quietly.

The system has an automatic demand-control function which detects how many operators are using the system at any one time and varies the motor speed accordingly for energy efficiency.

As the users only have a hose and tools to use, there is no risk of damage to the cars (unlike portable vacuum cleaners which could hit against them) - this also helps to protect fixtures and fittings in the service centre. With this increased convenience staff can safely tidy away the hose on the hanger at each bay and place all accessories into the easy-to-carry tool caddy.

Agnews-Prep-Centre-Belfast-servicing-bays Agnews-Prep-Centre-Belfast

The Revo Block Commercial Vacuum unit features a 2-stage cyclonic filtration system with a large capacity 60 litre dust collection bin for easy waste disposal. An automatic self-cleaning filter is also available for this system, reducing further maintenance times. No dust or dirt is recirculated back into the air allowing staff to benefit from up to a 52% improvement in the indoor air quality.

The software package and electronic board installed in these commercial systems allow the best possible performance at the desired suction power for all users. The system automatically maintains the power level even when new operators enter the network. Despite multiple users the system has an integrated silencer which eliminates noise from the point of cleaning unlike portable vacuums.

The front of the unit has a digital management display which will signal for users when the dust container is full and needs emptied, when the filter cartridge requires cleaning and any motor maintenance requirements.

Agnews-Prep-Centre-Belfast-building-entrance Agnews-Prep-Centre-Belfast-with H&W

Having BEAM commercial vacuums already installed and operating within our other Agnew Group Service Centres, we have seen first-hand the benefits it brings to our Valeting and Service teams who use it daily. The extra power offered by the BEAM system helps speed up our valeting time in the Centre, as opposed to using multiple, noisier portable vacuums that would also exhaust stale air back into the valeting bays. Using the BEAM system definitely helps make it a healthier working environment for the team here also.”

Photo of Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong
Belfast Audi, Aftersales Manager

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