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Commercial Central Vacuum System for Hotel in Co. Kildare

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This 4-star family owned hotel in Co. Kildare has used a Commercial Central Vacuum System from BEAM for general housekeeping for almost 20 years.

Commercial Central Vacuum System Helps Provide Clean Indoor Air for Hotel staff and Guests

BEAM first supplied and installed a Commercial Central Vacuum System into the Glenroyal hotel in 2004. The hotel recently upgraded their unit to continue to provide clean indoor air throughout the hotel.

The system is not only quiet when in use, but also eliminates recirculated dust and odours which is a great assurance to hotel staff and guests.

All the vacuumed material is collected in a large 80 litre bin located in the plant room, which helps provide convenient and hygienic collection and disposal of waste.

Energy Efficient Commercial Central Vacuum System

The installed Revoblock Commercial Vacuum unit from BEAM features state-of-the-art pressure sensing to detect the number of hoses plugged into the wall inlets. This automatic demand-control function varies the motor speed depending on how many staff are using the vacuum at the same time. This provides improved energy efficiency for the daily cleaning tasks throughout the hotel.

The unit is suitable for up to 3 simultaneous operators and features a 3 phase motor which is rated for continuous duty and is virtually maintenance free.

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Ted Robinson, General Manager comments:

We are very happy with our Beam built-in vacuum system which has been in daily use since the Glenroyal Hotel was originally built in 2004. We continually review and invest in our energy efficiency throughout our estate and recently after 17 years of continual service, we upgraded our vacuum unit from BEAM. The concept of a built-in vacuum system is a great fit for our hotel. It is a durable system which has proved to be long lasting compared to our previous experience using portable vacuum cleaners. We have 152 No. of rooms across two floor levels, and 20 housekeeping staff, whose feedback is 100% positive on the ease of use, convenience and unlimited cleaning power of the Beam vacuum system. It has most definitely improved our staff productivity without adding to the work burden, and our guests experience the resultant clean surfaces and clean air throughout our hotel. Cleanliness and air quality have had such a focus especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and our commercial vacuum system from BEAM contributes to vast improvements with both. The installation was carried out by our local Beam approved distributor, Dave Redmond of Dolmen Systems to a very professional standard. We are very appreciative of the tidy workmanship carried out by Dave’s team safely and cleanly and with no disruption to our daily activities. In summary, our Beam built-in vacuum system has proved to be a great asset to our hotel, providing many years of dependable service, excellent hygiene, and energy efficiency in its use and running costs. We would be delighted to recommend this system to anyone”

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