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Commercial Central Vacuum System for Portrush Hotel

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Housekeeping is one of the most important aspects in the day to day running of a hotel – a clean hotel means happy guests.

The 4-star Adelphi Hotel & Spa in Portrush, which has recently joined the Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts Collection, has relied on a Beam Commercial Central Vacuum since opening in 2007 to help maintain its high standard of housekeeping. The luxury seaside hotel was fitted with a 3200.9 Maxi Block Commercial Beam Vacuum unit, along with 40 hose inlets, to service 28 bedrooms and all common areas.

A built-in vacuum system is a complete game-changer for any hotel - with so many benefits, hotel owners would never want to buy another portable vacuum again!

Effortless Vacuum Cleaning

A Central Vacuum System from Beam helps make cleaning easier and quicker than ever before. Housekeeping staff can glide from room to room effortlessly, without having to worry about pulling a bulky portable vacuum behind them, or damaging fixtures and fittings. The lightweight hose is easy to carry and is inserted directly into the strategically located vacuum inlets. Plus, multiple inlets can be used at one time, meaning the hotel can be cleaned in half the time by numerous staff without losing any of the industrial power suction.


Quiet as a Whisper

Hotel guests can enjoy every moment of their stay without disturbance from a noisy vacuum cleaner. A Beam Central Vacuum unit is located away from the point of cleaning, so the only sound that can be heard is the quiet ‘whoosh’ of air through the hose. Guests can continue to make the most of a lie in or relax in the hotel spa while cleaning duties continue.

Designed to Last

Say goodbye to replacement vacuums – a built-in vacuum system eliminates the need for a new portable vacuum every few years. This can help reduce a hotels’ running costs by up to 30%, as well as its environmental footprint.


No Spots Missed

A Central Vacuum System from BEAM can be used to clean any surface – from floors, to walls, and even mattresses! A Beam Central Vacuum can also eliminate odours from soiled carpets and there are no bad smells when vacuuming. As the vacuum unit is located away from the point of cleaning, there’s no recirculated dust either, which helps improve indoor air quality by up to 52%. Guests can relax knowing their hotel room is spotless from top to bottom.

Hotel owner, Mark Holmes, has continually been impressed with the many benefits the Central Vacuum system has brought.

We pride ourselves on keeping our hotel clean, and over the past 15 years we have been so impressed by the Beam Central Vacuum System. We’ve used the vacuum system daily since it was installed in 2007 and it’s still in great working condition. It has made vacuuming so much easier for our housekeeping staff and has saved both time and money over the years! The hose is easy to carry, the suction is powerful but quiet, and there are no smells or recirculated dust. When we originally renovated the building at the time of opening the Adelphi hotel, we kept the environment in mind, so we are very pleased that the central vacuum system provided by BEAM has proved to be environmentally friendly - it has stood the test of time and hasn’t needed to be replaced – money very well spent! The support available from the BEAM technical team and the quick response to queries has always impressed, and we are now planning on utilising more Beam Central Vacuum products in our new projects.”

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Mark Holmes
Adelphi Hotel

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