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Dust and Debris Collection at research facility

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The new UK Research Facility of Global Software Company Microsoft

Leading Global Software Company Microsoft has recently had three Beam Central Vacuum Systems installed in its UK laboratory research facility in Cambridge.

The Issue

Provision required for the collection of dust and debris from the floors and benches in three laboratory areas.


Install three central vacuum systems to service three laboratory areas in the research facility for up to twelve simultaneous users.

The dedicated HEPA filter dust collection separator installed in each lab eliminates the necessity for debris to be conveyed through the extensive vacuum ductwork, reducing the potential for system blockages & reduction in performance.

The 3 phase industrial units are suitable for arduous duty and are housed in weather and sound proof enclosures sited on the roof. They are controlled with a variable speed control allowing variation of the suction volume according to the number of users plugged into the system.

The collected dust is drawn through the collection hoses and tools, through the duct work to a dedicated HEPA filter dust collection separator mounted in each laboratory area to collect any dust and debris local to its generation. The collected debris is stored in the collection container which has the capacity to hold approximately 28 litres.

The vacuum inlets fitted are ceiling and wall mounted for convenience around the work benches in the laboratory areas. On inserting the vacuum hose into the inlet valves the vacuum plant is activated automatically and stopped when the vacuum hose was withdrawn. Specialist fine detail extract nozzles are supplied.

Units Specified:

  • 3 No. Beam 5.5 kW electronic variable speed vacuum producers including controls & enclosures.
  • 2 No. Zinc coated smooth flow vacuum tube networks routed to the three lab areas.
  • 3 No. Beam BEPA Filter Dust Separators with 28 litre collection containers, one dedicated to each lab.

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