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Dust Extraction System for a Healthier Work Environment

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Classic Marble Showers, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone are a leading and specialist manufacturer of bespoke shower bases.

As part of the everyday production process hand tools are being used to grind their products which results in the creation of large amounts of fine composite dust. Contact was first made with Beam to offer guidance and solutions which would extract the dust from the work environment and meet health and safety regulations.


Our client required a dust extraction system within the business to solve the issues faced, whilst not deviating from everyday production processes. As a result of grinding high quantities of material/products daily with hand tools, a large amount of fine dust was created, causing poor air quality and an unhealthy working environment.

Following meetings and discussions with Beam, requirements where agreed on for a suitable dust extraction system which needed to extract dust during the grinding process as well as at the end when blowing down the product with an airline. Suiting the factory layout and not obstructing work procedures was another requirement along with installing a suitable LEV system which met and adhered to relevant health and safety regulations, such as COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health).

Classic Marble LEV


A stand alone, self-contained extraction booth/enclosure was supplied to the client, allowing for the everyday production processes to be carried out within, whilst taking away the harmful dust with continuous extraction. The extraction booth is located in the factory , solving the issue of dust extraction in the work environment whilst also causing no obstructions or deviations from everyday work procedures. The LEV system met and exceeded the requirements of COSHH for LEV legislations.

The stand-alone unit is complete with filters, built in fan and comes as a modular system. This allows for easy installation when on site and for addition of side panels as and when required. It has easy maintenance with the fine dust collecting at low level trays of the unit and maximum filter efficiency which is maintained with jet pulse cleaning system.

Internal filters of extraction booth for Classic Marble Showers

Hugh McVeigh, production manager at Classic Marble commented:

Beam provided an excellent all in one solution which has been a great addition to the business. The process has been seamless from start to finish and met our requirements set out from the beginning.”


The introduction of the extraction booth has provided many benefits to the client, meeting requirements set out from the beginning and solving the composite dust issues. A list of benefits provided by the system are as follows:

  1. Cleaner and healthier work environment, leading to an improvement in air quality for staff
  2. Improved productivity and product quality due to extraction of dust at process
  3. Low noise operation due to high efficiency backward curved fans installed
  4. Plug and play system with no requirement for ductwork to external wall
  5. Fully compliant LEV system with test carried out at installation phase inc. a full report and certification being presented to the client
  6. System meets and adheres to all relevant health and safety requirements, including COSHH
  7. Filtered air recirculation in the working area resulting in no loss of heat

Hugh McVeigh finished with:

Our production process was considered throughout the design phase and as a result of installing our system the working conditions and air quality within the factory have greatly improved.”

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