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Dust Extraction System for Cosmetic Production Facility

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Provision of at-source dust extraction system for cosmetic processing equipment.

Expert Advice from BEAM

This client manufactures brand name cosmetics which require a high standard of presentation of the finished product.

The production output speed was limited by an existing mechanical final process and the client sought out expert advice from the experts at BEAM which would allow the output to be increased but also maintain product quality.

Custom Dust Extraction

Beam technical engineers carried out an initial survey and developed a proposal to carry out further detailed analysis and measurements of the existing process in order to identify the sources of the problem which was dust carry-over at the final pressing. We produced a specification and quotation to design and install custom made captor hoods to provide at-source dust extraction to the pharmaceutical production equipment.

The complexity of the proposed dust extraction system had to address the following issues;

  • Limited access within the press enclosure
  • Multiple moving parts
  • Bespoke extract captor hoods required complete with adjustment capability
  • System should be rapidly demountable for cleaning and maintenance
  • Individual volume control to each captor hood was required
  • Suitable Atex certified vacuum extraction unit

Dust Extraction System

Beam supplied 2 No. 7.5 kW Atex certified industrial vacuum units complete with Hepa filtration to provide dust extraction to 2 No. production presses. The connecting ductwork was supplied in stainless steel and included a volume balancing system so that the individual extraction provided to each of the captor hoods could be independently adjusted.

Project Outcome

Following the system specified by BEAM, the production rate in the pharmaceutical factory increased without deterioration of product quality. The client was provided with certification of the system performance, operation, and control strategy which met the requirements of their quality assurance procedures.

The Beam engineers were very quick to understand our process and design a solution to improve it. Not only did they fulfil their brief, but their advice on other aspects of our production process was invaluable and has been of great benefit to our company”

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