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Energy Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation for Co. Antrim New Build

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Jayne and her husband Eoin are the owners of this wonderful home, and they started their self-build journey in early 2020. Beautifully styled inside, Jayne’s Instagram account is inspired by her eye for interior design.

When planning to build this fresh, modern 2 storey family home, one of the couple’s main goals was to ensure the new house was highly insulated with proper ventilation.

After years of living in draughty, damp London flats, we were looking forward to living in a well-insulated house. We spent a lot of money on insulation and triple glazing to make sure we were energy efficient. To ensure we got good indoor air quality that would help keep our home fresh and cosy we chose to install a BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation System.”


Housebythecherryblossom living room ventilation valves Housebythecherryblossom kitchen Housebythecherryblossom bedroom with ventilation valves

Poor ventilation in most homes is one of the main causes of streaming windows, condensation, musty odours, dampness and mould growth. Poor ventilation can also cause damage to the fabric of the home so installing a suitable ventilation system which meets the needs of your home and lifestyle is very important.

The objective of a good ventilation strategy is to provide a balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality. At BEAM, we specify the most suitable Heat Recovery System for your home to ensure you have the adequate air changes per hour to prevent the results of poor ventilation.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation System is the preferred method in airtight homes as it extracts the moist stale air from all wet rooms and kitchen etc as well as supplying fresh filtered air into the home constantly, which is a great benefit to Eoin who suffers from hay fever.

Heat Recovery Unit Location

Location of a heat recovery ventilation unit is especially important as access is required for future servicing and annual filter changes. Jayne’s home has plenty of storage space, so the Heat Recovery Ventilation unit is in a cupboard in the utility room.

We have our ventilation unit stored away nicely inside a cupboard in our utility. It fits perfectly and we have plenty of storage underneath it. It makes it handy to change the filters once a year.”


housebythecherryblossom bathroom with ventilation valve housebythecherryblossom new build hallway housebythecherryblossom ensuite with ventilation valve

Easily Change Heat Recovery Unit Filters

Changing filters in the heat recovery unit once a year not only ensures cleaner, fresher air is supplied into your home, it also ensures your system runs at designed air flow rates and helps keep system running costs to a minimum.

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Energy Savings with Heat Recovery Ventilation

Energy used for heating accounts for at least 53% of all energy use in the home. Of this, 80% is lost through ventilation. A BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation System can help recover up to 92% of this heat energy whilst providing essential fresh air for your home.

I’m always cold and complain if the windows are open for longer than two minutes so the Beam Heat Recovery was perfect for me as I get fresh air inside without the need to open windows and without any draughts”


Watch Jayne’s video to see how the system operates within the home.

Jayne uses her home account on Instagram to share tips for those building and where all their interior fixtures and fittings are sourced from – check it out @housebythecherryblossom.

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