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Healthy Home Cleaning with a Beam Central Vacuum System

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Sheila & Peter Reynolds were granted planning permission for their new build in September 2020 and started work on site the following month. Exactly one year later they moved into their modern family home in the outskirts of Downpatrick, Co. Down.

Sheila created an Instagram account @selfbuild_co.down to document the build process and had great help from her father who is a building contractor.

For Sheila, a Beam Vacuum was a MUST for her new build home - “everyone needs a Beam Central Vacuum System in their home!”

We decided on the vacuum system as soon as we decided we were building our house before we even had our plans drawn up. My parents had the system in their new build house approximately 18 years ago and loved it! My dad is a building contractor and did the work for our house and had mentioned many times that we needed to get it!”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

selfbuild_co-down-central-vacuum-installation ducting selfbuild_co-down-central-vacuum-installation pipes

Clinically Proven Health Benefits

A Beam vacuum system is clinically proven to help reduce symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. Both Sheila and her son have a dust allergy and some seasonal hay fever, so the central vacuum system was a “no brainer” for their home.

The main reason we installed a Beam is because the vacuum unit is in the garage so you don’t have dust particles circulating around your house like you would have with a traditional vacuum. The air inside the house is clean and not effecting our allergies or leaving a thin layer of dust lying on household surfaces.”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

Powerful and Convenient Cleaning

Compared to standard portable vacuums, Beam Central Vacuums are up to 50% more powerful. Since having a Beam Central Vacuum installed, Sheila has found:

The suction on the vacuum is so powerful, nothing gets left behind which makes cleaning the house so much more satisfying.”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

The lightweight 9m hose and additional attachments are ideal for cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. With vacuum inlets conveniently placed throughout the home, no spot will be missed!

We use our vacuum system everywhere in the house. The hose is long enough to reach the tops of the curtains & curtain poles which is great as we have higher than average ceilings. We have panelling floor to ceiling in our hall, stairs & landing and the dusting brush that comes with the hose is amazing at sucking up the dust that sits on those small grooves without damaging our walls.”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

@selfbuild_co-down-hallway-with-vacuum-point @selfbuild_co-down-hallway-with-vacuum-point

No Wasted Storage Space

In Sheila & Peter’s home, the Beam Vacuum unit is located in the garage which allows extra cupboard space in their utility room. No space is wasted in the garage either! Sheila told us:

The vacuum unit takes up no room and it’s mounted high enough in the garage that it doesn’t use up any of our floor space. I was simply amazed this was even an option, let alone possible, given the garage is detached”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

The garage location also allows quick access for cleaning the cars. The hose can be plugged directly into the front of the unit and is long enough to reach round the car. Unlike other portable vacuums, a Beam Vacuum hose will not cause any damage to cars.

There is a range of attachments for cleaning the car and the home – all of which can be neatly stored in the handy tool-caddy which comes with all systems.

View our full range of brushes here.

selfbuild_co-down-beam-central-vacuum unit selfbuild_co-down-beam-central-vacuum-hose

If you need more reasons to consider a Beam Central Vacuum System for your home, read more here.

The Best Decision

Sheila & Peter shared their experience about working with BEAM and their advice for self-builders.

Our Beam sales rep, Jimmy, was first class, talked everything through with us, visited our site, he gave us all the options available. It was Jimmy who also sold the system to my parents all those years ago, so he was well experienced to answer any questions we had. He was always only a phone call away if we had needed him during the installation process, he made that very clear on his first visit. The team that installed the system at the different stages of our build were just as professional and nothing was a problem. I would recommend anyone building their house to absolutely have the Beam Vacuum System installed. I have recommended it to lots of people and will continue to do so because it’s one of the best decisions we made when building our home. My dad recommends Beam to all people building or buying their homes from him. I’m literally at my happiest when vacuuming our house!”

Photo of Sheila Reynolds

Sheila Reynolds

Head over to Instagram to follow Sheila & Peter’s new home journey @selfbuild_co.down

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