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Heat Recovery Ventilation for Modern Laboratory Facility

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Construction Testing Services (CTS) offers independent testing services to the construction industry including quarry materials testing, laboratory testing and road materials testing.


The company operates a modern laboratory facility based in Antrim, Northern Ireland and wanted to provide a controlled ventilation strategy to suit the operation of their labs. Due to the layout of the facility, window ventilation was not a suitable solution. Concerns over rising costs from increased ventilation rates, CTS required a system that would offer both comfort and energy efficiency, with minimal heat loss.

The Solution

Following a survey of the property, together with the clients’ objectives, BEAM was able to recommend heat recovery ventilation system as a suitable solution. An Axco HERU system was installed which offers a high ventilation capacity within a compact unit, perfect for the confined spaces of the client's plant room. The heavy duty commercial grade construction guarantees prolonged protection against damage in the workplace and incorporates a high-efficiency aluminium rotary heat exchanger providing automatic climate control. Due to the low open ceilings, exposed ducts were used with built-in diffusers, as well as extract grills to distribute the air evenly throughout the building.

The MVHR system also offered the following benefits to CTS:

  • Improved indoor air quality with enhanced heat distribution
  • Automatic thermal control throughout all seasons from unique ‘Enersave’ controls
  • Complete condensation control throughout the laboratory
  • Quiet energy efficient operation
MVHR unit in lab plant room MVHR grille MVHR ducting into unit Desk top fume extract

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