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Heat Recovery Ventilation for New build in Co. Tyrone

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Bronwen and her husband Gary set out in 2018 to find the perfect home to purchase for their family. With property prices soaring at the time, they started on a journey to find a plot of land to build their ideal family home. Fortunate enough to get permission to build on family farmland the couple started to build early 2019.

Bronwen created the Instagram page @copper_beech_house_ to document stages of the new build and now 2 years into life in the new home, the page is followed by thousands on their self-build journey.

Now comfortably living in their stunning new home, Bronwen has chatted to us about their decision to install a Beam Heat Recovery Ventilation System and the benefits it has for their family.

Copper Beech House kitchen Copper Beech House dining room

Energy Efficient BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation

The beautiful Georgian style home surrounded by green fields features 3 bedrooms, a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite and a bright open-plan kitchen dining area. During the build process Bronwen and Gary liaised with the BEAM Team regarding the installation of an energy efficient Beam Heat Recovery Ventilation System.

We chose BEAM as we had a family member who had recently installed one of their heat recovery ventilation systems and recommended we go with them.”

Photo of Bronwen


Copper Beech House living room Copper Beech House living room

Throughout the home there are a total of 14 supply and extract valves ducted through a network of high quality insulated rigid pipework. The extraction valves remove moist, stale air from the kitchen, bathrooms and en-suites, in a fast and effective way. The supply valves located in all habitable rooms provide continuous fresh, filtered air 24/7. The filtered incoming air passes through the heat exchanger within the unit and can help recover up to 95% of heat which would normally have been lost through trickle vents and extractor fans, allowing for energy savings to be made.

We chose a BEAM Heat Recovery Ventilation System as we didn’t want any trickle vents on our beautiful sash windows. We had made a conscious effort to make the house thermally efficient and so this system was ideal”

Photo of Bronwen


Traditional ventilation method such as window trickle vents and bathroom extractor fans are often counterproductive for those looking to build an airtight home with high levels of insulation.

One of the main reasons we chose the Beam Heat Recovery System was the fact we didn’t have to build in noisy extractor fans, and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting mould or condensation build up around the inside of the windows.”

Photo of Bronwen


Copper Beech House hallway Copper Beech House bathroom

Easy to Control Heat Recovery Ventilation

This BEAM heat recovery unit came complete with an Aura-T controller allowing Bronwen and Gary to easily control the ventilation unit to suit their living requirements. With the option to boost the heat recovery unit when showering to get rid of steam build-up faster the controller also indicates when the filters need changed.

Bronwen has shared with us how the Beam Heat Recovery Ventilation System has been beneficial for the home:

A benefit that really stands out to us now living in our home is that the air is never stale or stuffy. I don’t ever have to open the windows to get that fresh air feeling. The system is relatively silent and is fast in removing steam and damp air from the bathrooms. I remember one of the first nights in the house I woke up in the morning and the house felt so fresh.”

Photo of Bronwen


Head over to Instagram and follow the couple's journey @copper_beech_house_.

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