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Heat Recovery Ventilation In New Housing Development

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Beam's Heat Recovery Ventilation System features in new elegant housing development in Stepaside, Dublin, Ireland.

Belarmine Woods a prestigious residential development underway by Castlethorn Construction, one of Ireland's leading builders is currently taking shape in a stunning setting on the foothills of Dublin mountains in Stepaside.

With a range of varying house-types, Belarmine Woods offers an attractive and varied mix of house styles, with homes comprising a mix of 2,3,4 and 5 bedroom homes laid out in a series of private cul-de-sacs that will help embrace a family friendly living environment.

Energy Efficient Heat Recovery System

The houses of Belarmine Woods have many features designed to reduce energy demand and to reduce the cost of heating and hot water production.

All houses are constructed with superior levels of insulation and are carefully designed and detailed to reduce heat loss through floors, walls and roofs.

As the houses are highly insulated and air tight, a Beam Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation System is being installed as a standard feature.

With this system, up to 95% of the heat from the extracted air is transferred within the heat exchanger to a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air from outside. This warmed filtered air is continuously supplied to all habitable rooms such as living areas and bedrooms.

The heat recovered within the system will off-set some of the home heating costs, thus reducing future energy bills. An energy efficient Axco MVHR system, provides balanced continuous ventilation without the need for opening windows, extract fans or window trickle vents.

The benefits of this system are managed ventilation, reduced heat loss and less dust and pollutants as the fresh air is filtered.

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