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Industrial Central Vacuum System for Food Producer

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Beam designed a custom-built Industrial Central Vacuum System for use in food production facility.

Due to a rapid increase in demand from an ever-conscious public for healthy alternatives to sugar-filled snacks, our client has grown their business in the production of health food snacks which include dried fruits, berries and nuts.

In addition to the normal high standards of cleanliness within the production area, our client identified a need to maintain 100% separation of nut-based ingredients from other ingredients within their production areas.

Industrial Central Vacuum System Reduces Risk of Cross-Contamination in Food Production

Previously, portable vacuum cleaners for housekeeping had been used in the different food production areas. However, as production capacity was increasing, our client identified a possible risk of cross-contamination should the portable vacuums or even the hoses be used outside of their specific work areas.

Multi-Operator System with Stainless Steel Ductwork Installed

Beam technical engineers surveyed the facility and proposed the installation of an Industrial Central Vacuum System complete with fixed hose reels. This would be dedicated to the specific areas and thereby reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The ductwork was installed in stainless steel including the couplings, brackets and installation hardware. Beam supplied food-safe hoses and fittings which completed the installation.

The 7.5kW vacuum unit was commissioned in all stainless steel and provides sufficient capacity to allow 2 operators to use the vacuum simultaneously. The waste material is now collected centrally, outside of the clean production areas and can be hygienically disposed in compostable waste bags.


We really appreciate the advice given by Beam who listened to our requirements and delivered a practical solution that surpassed our expectations! As a supplier to national supermarket chains, we work hard to maintain and improve our quality standards; the industrial Central Vacuum System from BEAM gives us complete assurance on our housekeeping and purity compliance and is an essential utility in our continual auditing process. Thank you to all at Beam for your excellent service”

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