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Industrial Vacuum system for Animal Feeds Mill

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The superior suction of a Beam industrial vacuum system ensures the highest standard of housekeeping is maintained.

Animal feeds have been produced at the Fane Valley Mill in Omagh for over 150 years. In 2009, a new mill was built in conjunction with Ottevanger, the world’s leading Dutch Animal Feed and mill storage facility provider.

As part of the investment a Beam fixed industrial Vacuum System was installed for general housekeeping and spillage collection during the manufacturing process. The two phase industrial vacuum system allows for two users to efficiently operate the system simultaneously. A total no. of 38 vacuum points are installed throughout the plant to allow for easier upkeep and maintenance of a clean, safe working environment.

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  • Two phase industrial vacuum allows for 2 no. users to operate system simultaneously
  • Allows for easier upkeep & maintenance of a clean, safe working environment

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