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Industrial Vacuum system for Drinks Manufacturer

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Diageo are an International Beverage Manufacturer famous for brands such as Guinness, Baileys, Bushmills Whiskey and many others. The company operates multiple manufacturing sites throughout Ireland including the Baileys plant in Mallusk, Co. Antrim where Beam designed, supplied and installed an industrial ATEX vacuum system.

Built-in cleaning system for Daily Housekeeping

The Industrial ATEX Vacuum unit is installed in the ingredient store and is used for daily house-keeping, providing built-in cleaning throughout the area.

Self-Retracting Hose Reels – A Hygienic Solution for Hose Storage

Hygiene is of critical importance to Diageo, therefore Beam’s solution consisting of 3 No. self-retracting hose reels each storing 10m antistatic vacuum hose was a perfect match for their requirements. When the hose is drawn out, the vacuum starts automatically and collected material is transported to the central vacuum unit. After use, the hose is retracted and stored neatly on the reel.
The system is completed with stainless steel smooth flow ducting and a 4kW Industrial ATEX vacuum unit with 100L waste bin capacity.

Vacuum hose and wand at diageo Retractable hose reel and wand at diageo

Benefits of Industrial Vacuum System woth Self-Retracting Hose Reel:

  1. Hoses are stored off the floor which is more hygienic and has reduced wear and tear
  2. Central Vacuum unit is built-in and always ready for use for better efficiency
  3. High power central suction unit for more productive cleaning
  4. Dust is collected in a central waste bin and maintained on the PPM schedule
  5. Low maintenance and durable cleaning system is a cleaner alternative to manual sweeping and portable vacuums
  6. Reliable service and product support from Beam

We installed the Beam system in 2008 to eliminate manual floor sweeping in our ingredient store. We wanted an alternative to portable vacuum cleaners, so it made sense to select the central system from Beam. Our vacuum cleaning is now a daily routine and has benefited the hygiene in our ingredient store. Beam provide the annual service and have always been responsive to our needs. Overall, the Beam Vacuum System has been a very worthwhile investment for Diageo and is an essential piece of equipment for our production”

Photo of Max Braiden

Max Braiden
Maintenance Manager, Diageo

Industrial vacuum system with retractable hose reel in use

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