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Mechanical Supply Air Ventilation Solution for office space

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New BEAM Mechanical Supply Air Unit was the necessary solution for the return of staff to office space in Belfast.  Sliderobes Group have been in the furniture business since 1983 and specialise in the design and installation of innovative, high- quality sliding door wardrobes and storage solutions. The head office for UK and Ireland is on Boucher Crescent in Belfast.

Ventilation requirement for a clean indoor air work environment

Like many organisations, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, employees at Sliderobes were unable to work from their office space and for many months worked from home. Since the easing of restrictions and a staggered return to the office, the requirement for a safe working environment was treated as the highest priority.

Following government guidelines that all businesses needed a clean and healthy work environment, Sliderobes adhered to the guidance, installing the necessary protective screens at desks and providing sanitization. Paired with everyone's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) they were ready to get back to some normal working life.

Paul Rothwell, the CEO of Sliderobes also wanted to ensure that had a suitable rate of fresh air changes too, even when the offices were fully staffed, so contacted Beam.

To ensure a safe and healthy phased return to work for all our employees, we wanted and needed a fully clean indoor air work environment.”

Light commercial supply air ventilation unit solution for office space

Beam Engineers assessed the building and found very few openable windows. Paul and the office staff had also mentioned that the 1st floor was continuously overheating.

Further assessment of the 1st floor found that stale, warm air was being pushed around and therefore never having the opportunity to be extracted, resulting in this poor indoor air quality.

Beam recognised that the indoor air quality needed to be addressed with a specific ventilation system, a light commercial Supply Air Unit.

The AXCO HERU Supply Air Units are compact units designed to provide a comfortable indoor climate, dispersing a high volume of clean, fresh, filtered air in smaller premises - perfect for office spaces.

A Beam Supply Air Unit has a controlled heating function which allows it to heat and filter the supply air using a smart control system. With the possibility of scheduling the temperature and air flow, the ventilation is adapted to the use of the room. This allows office staff to pre-set the required temperature to best suit their climate during the work hours. The touch screen controller allows easy access in the building to adjust settings during the day if required.

Fresh air is taken from outside, warmed as required, filtered with F7 pollen grade filters and distributed via diffuser valves in the ceiling or walls.

These systems also have an ‘Away Function,’ so the system has minimal energy use during out-of-office hours, adding to the energy savings .

Heru Supply Air unit Heru Supply Air valve in office

Paul commented:

The staff and I noticed straight away the difference this Beam Supply Air Ventilation system has made to the office. The air feels fresher and more comfortable to work in. The necessity to improve indoor air quality in the workplace since Covid had been particularly important to us, and this system does just that!”

The Result

This Beam Mechanical Supply Air Ventilation solution paired with their existing air conditioning unit has provided staff with a fresh healthy work environment. The system will continually operate 24/7 to supply fresh filtered air into the office space, allowing staff to work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

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