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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery for Eco-Hotel

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Beam Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery was the chosen solution for this luxury eco-hotel in Ballycastle.

About the hotel

The Salthouse is a new luxury 24-bedroom eco hotel, perched above the sea-side town of Ballycastle, on the North Antrim coast, with stunning views of the Atlantic
Ocean and a unique atmosphere designed to connect you to the outdoors.

The 4* hotel includes an ocean view restaurant-bar and impressive spa,
as well as 7 high-end holiday chalets. The ethos of the complex is sustainable luxury and SMART technology.

A Highly Effective Ventilation Solution

Due to the oceanside hilltop location of The Salthouse, there was a desire to move away from the more traditional window trickle vents and extractor fans in the building, and to replace instead with controlled commercial mechanical ventilation for the project.

A Beam Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (MVHR) was chosen as the source of mechanical ventilation within the guest rooms. This was in line with the McHenry family’s drive for environmental sustainability and the desire for clean, warmed, fresh filtered indoor air for the benefit of their hotel guests.

Alongside the other SMART technologies integrated within the hotel, the Beam commercial MVHR system plays its part in the hotel’s quest to be as energy efficient as possible.

The Salthouse Hotel Bar

A Sustainable and Smart Result

Welcoming its first guests in July 2019 into the eco-hotel, this new hospitality concept is a monument to sustainability – combining heat energy from the atmosphere with electricity generated from the wind and sunlight to set a high ‘green’ standard.

The installation of a Beam commercial Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR)was a great fit for this carbon-neutral hotel, as it is considered the most energy efficient method of ventilation – which was a key consideration of the project.

The MVHR system and duct layout were designed by our expert technical engineers to efficiently extract moist stale indoor air from the building and supply fresh warmed filtered air to the guest rooms within the hotel. With Beam’s highly efficient MVHR unit, up to 95% of the heat of the extracted air is recovered. As a result, the air coming into the building has already been partially warmed which helps reduce energy bills.

With the application of this ventilation solution, guests can enjoy constant clean indoor air for the duration of their stay, whist knowing that this solution is in line with the core ethos of this unique, luxury, carbon-neutral hotel.

The Salthouse Hotel outside spa

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