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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery for Holywood Bungalow

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After finding the perfect plot of land to build a replacement dwelling, Tiffany and Matthew Rea set out to totally transform an existing bungalow in the Holywood Hills (Co. Down) into a modern, contemporary new build.

The couple were granted planning permission in March 2021. Soon thereafter the demolition process began and work started on site in August. A short 5 months later and they had moved into their fabulous new home overlooking Belfast Lough.

Tiffany has since set up an Instagram home account @thereaproject showcasing their fabulous interior design works and furnishings.

When we were building our home, installing a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System was a must! We had seen the system installed in many homes and we spent a lot of money insulating our house so it was lovely and toasty, so to lose heat through trickle vents or extractor fans would have completely defeated the purpose of the insulation!”

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@thereaproject ventilation install @thereaproject back of house @thereaproject under construction

Ventilation for Airtight Homes

New homes nowadays are designed to keep the elements out, but measures must be taken to ensure the house can still “breathe”. Building to airtight standards and high insulation levels required the couple to plan the most appropriate ventilation approach and the BEAM MVHR System ticked all the boxes.

  • Constant fresh, filtered indoor air 24/7
  • Moist, stale air removed
  • Helps prevent condensation and mould growth
  • No noisy extractor fans or trickle vents letting expensive heat out
  • Contributes to home energy efficiency

There are many benefits of a Beam Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System which you can read here!

thereaproject mvhr valve in bathroom thereaproject hallway The Rea Project mvhr valve in bathroom under construction

Heat Exchange Technology

In the bathrooms, ensuites and kitchen there are extract valves which remove the stale, moist air. This system also comes with a boost switch which enables the occupants to increase the extraction rate if required when using the bath or shower. There are supply air valves in the main habitable rooms such as living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. As most of our time is spent in these rooms it’s important to have clean filtered air distributed here. With the Beam MVHR system, this process of air movement results in the air within the home changing approximately every 2 hours.

Our house constantly feels fresh, the extract valves pull out any musty odours and no noisy extractor fans. We’re so happy with how the BEAM MVHR system works in our home and can see the benefits it has!”

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@thereaproject mvhr valve in living room @thereaproject mvhr valve in kitchen @thereaproject mvhr valve in bathroom

Both airflows pass through the systems heat exchanger whereby heat Is transferred from the extracted air to the fresh filtered air and then distributed throughout the home. The added benefit of this system is that it can off-set some of your energy costs and help reduce fuel bills. The ventilation system also has a Summer Bypass facility which allows incoming air to avoid being warmed by the heat exchanger -this feature will often be used during summer months.

Here is a helpful blog on How to Manage your MVHR System in the Summer Months.

Click the video below to see the full Beam System in action!

Check out Tiffany and Matthew’s Instagram page @thereaproject and their highlights on the Beam Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System.

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