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On Tool Dust Extraction for Large Manufacturer

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Silotank are a leading manufacturer in the UK & Ireland for a variety of equipment. These include chemical, liquid and drinking water storage tanks, process vessels, bunded storage tanks and more.

As a leader in their field, Silotank provide high quality storage tanks to a variety of industries including microelectronics, pharmaceutical, food processing, drinks, brewing etc. To improve on their work processes, working conditions and employee safety, Silotank approached Beam for options on a dust extraction system.


Within the production factory, a large amount of grinding and sanding of GPR products using hand tools takes place. As a result of this process there was a high amount of harmful dust being created and escaping into the work environment. Through meetings and discussions with the client, it was agreed that a centralised extraction system was required within the factory to solve the issue of dust.

The system was to meet and adhere to health and safety regulations such as COSHH by taking away the harmful dust at source. It must also be capable of allowing simultaneous users and allow production staff to have access at both high and low level.

Industrial unit at Silotank


Working closely together with the client, Beam designed, installed and commissioned a factory wide on-tool extraction system. A fine filter unit was installed alongside a high vacuum unit which allowed for a vacuum hose to be plugged in to the hand tools, taking the harmful dust away at source. This in turn greatly reduces and prevents the harmful dusts escaping into the atmosphere.

The pipework that was installed was at high level which avoids and doesn’t affect the movement of the large crane and production equipment within the factory. Installation was carried out in phases, which suited the production staff and processes, limiting downtime and deviation from work. Strategically placed pipework drops, which were agreed with the client in advance, allowed for high and low level vacuum inlets. This allowed for production staff to reach all areas of their products, carrying out work processes both efficiently and effectively.
After market head attachments were sourced for the hand tools being used which allowed for 32mm vacuum hoses to be connected. The high vacuum system also doubles up and allows for staff to use as a general housekeeping system, in turn this does away with sweeping up and the use of airlines.


There have been a number of benefits following the installation of the central vacuum system. Our client and staff are delighted with the system and service that have been provided. Jim McIlwaine who is a Director within Silotank stated, “Beam supplied and installed a centralised vacuum system for dust extraction from our GRP shop in 2018. The system works very well and meets the parameters on the proposal with all test results taken during commissioning meeting or exceeding the specification.
They installed and commissioned the system on schedule and they have also responded promptly to any requests for assistance as we became familiar with the system.”

A list of key benefits from the system are as below:

  1. Dust taken away at source, creating a healthier and cleaner work environment for staff
  2. Central collection bin which is more efficient and simple to empty for maintenance than portable units
  3. Low noise system which uses lightweight hoses and tools that can also be used for a housekeeping system
  4. Increase and improvement on productivity and product quality due to dust being extracted at source
  5. Low noise levels at operator inlet points
  6. High powered vacuum system which allows for simultaneous users and maintains high level of performance throughout the day
  7. LEV test carried out and certified by Beam, which complies with all relevant health and safety requirements such as COSHH.

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