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On-Tool dust extraction for Premier Joinery Manufacturer

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The Deluxe group are a bespoke joinery manufacturer with a world class reputation. They have an enviable client list including designing, building, and installing high-end interiors for a fleet of world-class liners such as Cunard’s QE2 and Crystal Serenity.

With extensive experience across the Office, Residential, Commercial, Hotel, and Visitor Attraction marketplaces, The Deluxe Group offer their clients a tailored package encompassing the initial design concept right through to furnishing the interiors to a premium standard -all accomplished in-house from their modern manufacturing plant located in Portadown, Co. Armagh.

Deluxe Group Building

Centralised On-Tool Local Exhaust Extraction (LEV)

The company had been using portable dust extractors connected to their DA sanders to provide on-tool LEV. However with expansion plans in place to double the production, they contacted BEAM’s Industrial Division to evaluate the feasibility of installing a central Low Volume High Velocity (LVHV) extract system to provide the LEV throughout their factory.

With around 40 No. workstations to cover, it was very apparent to their management team that the most economical and practical solution was to provide a new centralised vacuum system which would be utilised to provide on-tool extraction from a range of hand tools including sanders, routers, mitre saws and various wood processing machines.

22kw-Central-Vacuum-unit Ductwork at the Deluxe Group

Specialised LEV System

The energy efficiency of the system is responsive to the number of people using it and is equivalent to a maximum power demand of 0.9kW per user which is 30% - 50% less than a typical portable vacuum.

Operating a central system is much more convenient than portable vacuums as there is no need to monitor and replace safety filters as all the waste is collected at the central filter unit.

BEAM can provide high vacuum On-Tool central extract systems starting from 2 to 40+ workstations.

Beam carried out staff training and a demonstration of the dust control using an ultraviolet lamp. The before and after results are clearly visible in the following video comparison:

Benefits of the Centralised LEV system

  • Eliminating the portable vacuums has had many benefits such as the obvious savings in maintenance costs, waste bags and filters, elimination of noise and power cables, but also, it has freed up a surprising amount of floor space.
  • The extract system is available where it is needed and has quickly become an essential utility.
  • It provides convenience to their skilled technicians who appreciate the company’s investment in a factory wide system. When they need extraction, they simply plug in to the connection point.
  • The suction power remains constant throughout and has eliminated individual servicing and down time.
  • The system provides assurance to The Deluxe Group, and their staff as the optimal LEV solution.

At Deluxe Group, through the commitment of all our staff, we work hard to provide an effortless experience for our clients. Beam have stepped up to our expectations and have delivered a system that they can be proud of. We are fully confident our investment has been the right decision and would like to thank all the staff at Beam for their guidance, their professionalism, and their commitment to deliver the best LEV Solution possible.”

Photo of Martin O'Farrell

Martin O'Farrell
HSEQ Manager, The Deluxe Group

The deluxe group ducting

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