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On Tool Dust Extraction system at joinery workshop

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McCue Crafted Fit are specialists in high quality refurbishments and fitting out, working closely with architects, designers and end-users across multiple sectors throughout their projects.

With more than 60 years of experience, McCue Crafted Fit are specialists in bespoke, high quality 
refurbishment and fit outs. They are based at their 60,000 sq ft head office and production facility in Carrickfergus. They have worked on many unique projects within their production area and contacted Beam for specialist advice and possible solutions for dust extraction in their joinery workshop.

On tool dust extraction

Dust Extraction to Improve Air Quality & Safety

McCue and Beam worked closely together to design and install a dust extraction system within their joinery workshop. They have a number of workbenches throughout the factory where grinding, sanding, cutting etc takes place using high powered hand tools. As a result of this process there was a significant amount of harmful dust being created and becoming airborne. This was an issue which was affecting the air quality and safety of the work environment.

It was discussed and it was preferred that there be a separate solution from portable vacuum cleaners. Following an extensive survey of the factory and production processes, the main contributors to the dust issue where identified and a recommendation and design which allowed for simultaneous users was put forward to the client to solve the issue.


Following in depth research, planning and design, Beam presented and carried out the installation of a centralised, ‘on-tool’ extraction system. A fine dust filter system was provided for the client which allowed for simultaneous users, automatic cleaning function and a large bin collection. The fine filter unit paired with an energy efficient vacuum unit supplied a specialist system which extracted fine, harmful dust at the source and significantly reduced airborne dusts.

Throughout the factory, vacuum lines are strategically installed at the workbenches which the operator plugs into for immediate extraction. The central vacuum system which is predominantly used for on-tool extraction for 32mm can also double up as a general housekeeping system, with use of a 38mm hose.

Throughout the installation of the system, Beam worked around the staff and accommodated production process meaning that there was little to no downtime and production was not affected as a result.

Industrial unit in workshop


HSEQ manager Jim Lacey from McCue commented:

Within our modern workshop, we wanted to improve on the dust extraction from hand sanders and finishing tools. Throughout the process, Beam acted in a professional, timely and supportive manner. A number of suitable options ranging from portable vacuums to a central system were provided after a site survey. Further to Beam’s expert advice, insight and knowledge, we decided to go with a central system that has since proved to be an outstanding investment. All work, from installation to commissioning of the system was carried out promptly and efficiently and our day-to-day production wasn’t affected. One to one training was provided by Beam following commissioning, and our system not only met but exceeded COSHH requirements. We highly commend the work that Beam have carried out for us, supplying a first class system which has improved our working conditions and helped us to comply with health and safety regulations.”

Since the central vacuum system has been installed, there has been a variety of benefits. Air quality has improved significantly and health and safety regulations met. Below are a list of key benefits:

  1. Less airborne, harmful dust leading to a healthier and cleaner work environment for staff
  2. Centralised collection bin for the dust/debris which is more efficient and simple to empty than a variety of portable units
  3. Improved productivity and product quality due to extraction of dust at source
  4. System uses lightweight and durable hoses which are easy to work with
  5. Low noise levels in operator work benches
  6. High powered vacuum system that maintains high level of performance throughout the day
  7. Lower maintenance costs
  8. Allows for multiple users simultaneously
  9. LEV test and certification carried out by Beam at the installation phase which complies with all relevant health and safety requirements such as COSHH
On tool dust extraction

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