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On-tool Dust Extraction System for Joinery Workshop

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“This on-tool extraction system has resulted in a huge reduction of dust contamination throughout the factory, reducing the amount of dust circulated in the air."

Specialist Joinery Group are Ireland and UK’s premier manufacturers of bespoke joinery and fitted furniture. The company recently constructed a purpose-built 80,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Maghera, Northern Ireland and approached BEAM for advice and possible solutions for dust extraction from within their joinery workshop areas.

Dust Extraction at the Source

The manufacturing facility is spread across various areas where bespoke high-end joinery work is carried out using materials consisting of hardwoods, softwoods, MDF and ply boards.
Across meetings and discussions with the client it was agreed that a solution was required to extract dust being created from the production process at the source. This would greatly reduce the build-up of surface dust in the working areas. The system was needed to be capable of covering several production areas within the building, with the ability to be used simultaneously by multiple operators.
Through an in-depth survey of the building, BEAM identified the main sources of dust contamination and put forward the recommendation and design proposal of an ‘on-tool’ dust extraction system.


BEAM, assisted by the client, designed the capacity of the system to meet their needs as efficiently as possible and selected a Scandvent Fine Dust system. This incorporates an automatic cleaning function and a 90-litre dust container. It is coupled with an energy efficient, high capacity low noise vacuum extract unit.
Each workstation is fitted with a service drop which includes compressed air, electric and a vacuum inlet. Each operator simply plugs into the vacuum point for extraction on demand.
The newly extended office areas, canteen and staff gym are also now serviced via a BEAM Central Vacuum System for general housekeeping.

Specialist Joinery Workshop

Dermot O'Hagan, Sales Director for Specialist Joinery Group:

As a result of growth in business, we undertook a large-scale extension which increased our HQ site to over 3 acres. As a result, we required additional solutions to extract dust at the point of generation within the joinery workshop areas. Having worked with Beam on various dust extraction systems in our existing manufacturing facility for over 15 years, we knew they would provide us with expert advice and provide the correct specification to allow us to meet H&S requirements. They conducted a series of on-site surveys and consultations to establish the most appropriate dust extraction solution to meet our needs. The resulting dust extraction system specified has led to a dust free, healthy working environment with improved air quality which all our staff are benefiting from, as well as providing energy and cost efficiencies to the business”

Client using on tool dust extraction

This on-tool extraction system has resulted in a huge reduction of dust contamination throughout the factory, reducing the amount of dust circulated in the air. This has led to improved air quality, with substantial health benefits to employees working in the vicinity. In addition, the system has delivered the following key benefits:

  1. Complies with COSHH for LEV legislation
  2. High powered vacuum system which maintains performance throughout the day – every day
  3. The large capacity system is designed for continuous running at a manufacturing facility
  4. The centralised collection of dust is much more efficient to manage compared to multiple extractors, providing energy and cost efficiency.
  5. Power consumption is directly linked to actual demand, providing energy and cost efficiency.
  6. Healthier and cleaner working environment
  7. Lower maintenance costs
  8. Lower noise levels in operators working areas
  9. LEV Certification provided by Beam
vacuum dual inlet points overhead electric and vacuum inlet Industrial unit caged Overhead electric and vacuum inlet in factory

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