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Stopping Condensation in Existing Semi-Detached home

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After living in a draughty 1930’s semi-detached house for several years, Mr & Mrs Quinn decided to fit their home with loft insulation to save money on their heating bills. However, they didn’t realise that making their home more airtight would create issues with condensation.

Within 4 weeks, condensation began forming on our double-glazed windows. Within 8 weeks, we were wiping this water from the windowpanes and sills on a daily basis. Two months after this, we began to see small black mould spots on 2 walls in a bedroom. The spots seemed to easily rub off, re-appeared again before long. The condensation problem eased off around May time, and we forgot all about it until September when the problem was as bad as ever.”

Mrs Quinn

BEAM – The Ventilation Experts

The couple contacted BEAM and spoke with one of our ventilation experts who offered them a solution to their problem – a BEAM Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) System.

A PIV system provides whole-house ventilation from a central location such as a landing or hallway. The system supplies fresh, filtered air into the home which dilutes and replaces the moisture-laden air that is present in the home.

After the installation of the Positive Input Ventilation system from BEAM, the Quinns noticed a difference in their home almost immediately!


Within 1 week of the system being installed, condensation on the windowpanes had stopped forming.”

Mrs Quinn

Energy-Efficient Ventilation

The PIV unit also has a built-in heater which automatically activates when the temperature in the loft drops below 10 degrees Celsius. This prevents the system from cooling your home in the winter months. As their house had originally been insulated to increase heat and reduce energy bills, Mr & Mrs Quinn were concerned that this would no longer be the case. However, a BEAM PIV system is energy-efficient and not costly to run. The PIV unit also has a built-in heater which automatically activates when the temperature in the loft drops below 10 degrees Celsius and tempers the incoming air into the home.


We were concerned this would impact on our electricity bill, but overall, the unit costs us about £25 per year to run.”

Mrs Quinn

No More Condensation

Condensation has been eradicated, and we’ve no more mould. We keep the unit running all year round to prevent the initial problems from returning.”

Mrs Quinn

More than 7 years later and the Quinns haven’t looked back! The condensation which previously took over their windows in the winter months is no longer an issue thanks to the BEAM Positive Input Ventilation system. They continue to enjoy the benefits of clean indoor air all year round.

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