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Beam Mechanical Supply Air Ventilation for The Little Gym, Crumlin

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The Little Gym in Crumlin is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of its members and staff. When the gym began having issues with condensation and poor air quality, owner Michael Duncan contacted BEAM for a solution.

The Ventilation Issue

Condensation usually forms in buildings with high moisture levels and insufficient ventilation. During the cooler months, condensation was forming in the gym, which was a health and safety concern as the floor could become very slippery and unsafe for staff and gym members.

Additionally, in the summertime, the gym could become unbearably warm and stuffy. A lack of openable windows meant no fresh air was able to flow into the gym. A hot and humid gym can negatively affect workouts, as it is difficult to sustain intensity, which may result in shorter sessions and can put more stress on the body.

Inside the little gym with equipment and supply air ventilation unit Inside gym with gym equipment and Supply Air Ventilation Unit

The Ventilation Solution

Michael reached out to BEAM to discuss ventilation options for The Little Gym. Following a survey, BEAM recommended the installation of 2 Beam Axco HERU Supply Air Units (SAU).

A Beam Axco HERU SAU is ideal for providing fresh, filtered indoor air in smaller commercial premises. Fresh air is drawn in from outside, warmed (if required), filtered and then supplied into the gym. The fresh filtered air dilutes the moist stale air and pushes it out of the building.

A control panel is fitted alongside a Beam Supply Air Unit to allow the settings of the system to be adjusted. Staff can adjust the temperature on the controller as required to create a comfortable climate in the gym. There is also an ‘Away’ function to minimise energy use outside of opening hours.

Supply air ventilation unit in gym SAU external wall vent

The Ventilation Results

Following the installation, Michael, the staff, and the gym members noticed a significant improvement in indoor air quality in The Little Gym. The improvement has resulted in gym members being able to undertake more substantial training during their workouts as they are no longer feeling fatigued by the stuffy air in the gym.

Condensation is no longer an issue, and the gym feels fresh and cool, even in the summer heat.

Michael was over the moon with the results of the 2 Beam Axco HERU Supply Air Units. 

I couldn’t be happier with the results. People are really feeling the benefits of the system - fresher air and no condensation.”

Michael Duncan
The Little Gym

Supply air ventilation unit suspended on wall at gym Supply air ventilation SAU controller

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